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Glenn Beck's Memory Lapse on Joe Klein: "I didn't know who he was . . . I couldn't remember . . . ."

Reported by Julie - May 9, 2010 -

After Time Magazine writer Joe Klein, appearing on the Chris Matthews show on April 18, 2010, (video below) and said of Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin's rhetoric that, "A lot of these statements, especially the ones coming from Glenn Beck, and to a certain extent Sarah Palin, are right up close to being seditious,” Glenn Beck immediately snapped back defensively that he loved his country and wasn't seditious. Okay, snappy comeback. You know, even before Klein said that, Beck had talked about Klein -- and not about joining his fan club . . . hell, he even had clips of the dude, prominently displayed, on his shows, as visual aids. I assume Beck looked at the clips at some point, made some attempt to know what the guy looked like who had become his nemesis. And yet, here he is now claiming he didn't even know who the guy was when he met him in person . . . no clue. Nice try, Beck, to try to now act like you couldn't care less what Joe Klein says about you, to try and play it off like you're so important and indifferent to criticism that you can't even remember what one of your harshest critics look like, but it won't fly, considering all this . . . . With (lots of) video.

Joe Klein calls Glenn Beck "close to being seditious"

I couldn't really believe Beck would try to front like this in the face of all evidence to the contrary, but then I found this clip of Beck's radio show on May 5, 2010, claiming he didn't know who Joe Klein was when he bumped into him at the Time 100 bash the day before. I watched the clip twice . . . yup, total amnesia.

Beck related a little tale of making his way to the bar (not to drink, of course), and then said, "And Joe Klein comes up, and I . . . first, I think he's Robert Reich, I’m really bad with names and faces and everything else. You know how somebody just kind of inserts themselves into your conversation? And they stand uncomfortably close to make sure you notice them. And this person did that so I kind of turned to him and I had to look way down, because I think he's about 3-1/2 feet tall, and I'm thinking, oh, short bearded man, it's Robert Reich . . . ."

Beck's amnesia extended to the O'Reilly Factor on May 7, 2010, when Beck again claimed he hadn't known who Joe Klein was during his encounter with him at the Time 100 event (a claim O'Reilly scoffed at).

Said O'Reilly, "Heard you had a run-in with our pal Joe Klein."

Beck responded, "He's about 3 feet tall, and he had a stepladder . . . and I didn't know who he was . . . I couldn't remember . . . I knew the face . . . ."

So okay, maybe Beck is in fact really, really bad with faces . . . yikes, didn't Glenn Beck know who that guy was that he displayed behind him in the clip on January 26, 2010?

And on February 2, 2010, Joe Klein appeared on The O'Reilly Factor . . . maybe someone as important and superior as Beck doesn't watch his colleagues' shows?

Beck apparently knew who Joe Klein was on February 9, 2010, when he went on and on and on about him, and even displayed a nice upper body shot of Klein. See the little "GB?" Yeah, that's the logo verifying the authenticity of Joe Klein's very large picture on Glenn Beck's show.


And on April 18, 2010 . . . wow, Beck apparently knew what Joe Klein looked like then, too.

There's Beck again, on April 23, 2010, playing the infamous clip of Joe Klein accusing him of near-sedition.

So, let me get this straight. Beck, who has sufficient memory to relate all sorts of facts about history, who has sufficient memory to cite the list of President Obama's (radical) czars without batting an eye, who has sufficient memory to draw a picture of Van Jones in his sleep, who has sufficient memory to discuss our founding fathers, now can't remember what Joe Klein looks like -- despite having displayed clips of Klein on no less than four occasions, one being only 11 days before the Time 100 event (and that's not even counting Bill O'Reilly's interview with Klein that one would think Beck watched). After the chance, fleeting encounter at the Time event, Beck's memory was sharp enough for him to remember -- and mention, at least twice -- that Klein is a short man with a beard. He also seems to have had crystal clarity about exactly where he was standing and what he was doing during his encounter with Klein. But apparently all the clips and pix that Beck had previously displayed of Klein didn't ring any bells.

Seeing Klein face to face at the Time 100 bash rang bells, all right -- alarm bells, for Beck to scoot away as fast as he could. Instead of acknowledging, yeah, I knew him immediately and the guy gets under my skin, Beck takes a swipe at Klein's height, and -- believing nobody checks out anything he says -- lies shamelessly to make himself look less needy and desperate. Just goes to show, Beck talks a good game, but when it's time to throw it down he feigns a memory lapse, tries to play it off like he wasn't obsessed with Klein's criticism, pretends that the guy just wasn't significant enough for him to remember, and scrambles for cover.

Too bad his memory wasn't so bad when it came to Van Jones.