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Megyn Kelly Attacks Comedy Central For Being Unfair To Christians

Reported by Priscilla - May 8, 2010 -

One of the popular memes of the religious right is that while evil, librul Hollywood mocks Christians, Muslims get a free pass. Thus, it wasn’t surprising that Fox “News” would tackle the newest outrage in the Christian right community – the announcement, by the creators of South Park, that they are working on a script that features Jesus as the main character – and if Comedy Central backed off on satirizing Mohammed, so the “logic” goes, it’s unfair of them to satirize Jesus. Megyn Kelly reported on what she thinks is a “double standard” – the newest in a constant string of “Christian” outrages involving something that, contrary to Kelly’s “news” report, is only in the planning stages. In doing her shout out for persecuted Christians, who aren’t too keen about Islam, Kelly omitted this pesky detail. But she did include the perfunctory reference to radical Islam. Gotta love how, in dealing with intolerance, Fox News reinforces it even on a “fair and balanced” “news” show like “America Live.”

Update - Oh, look, Kelly's boyfriends (chaste and heterosexual) at NewsBusters did a thread about her interview in which they stated that "This week, the network announced a new show, "JC." Just like in Megyn's piece, they don't say that this "new show" is only in preliminary stages and is nowhere near final approval. But the beat goes on, the beat goes on....Break out the pitchforks. Is this a sin of "comission" or "omission?"

Megyn Kelly began with “just weeks after censoring a controversial episode about the prophet Mohammed, Comedy Central has decided that it’s full steam ahead with a show that pokes fun at Jesus Christ.” Kelly is either misinformed or she lied. According to Comedy Central’s Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications Steve Albani, “script development is the very earliest stage a program can be in.” He also “wanted to emphasize that projects at the script deal level are several levels away from being greenlit to series and appearing on air ... most script deals do not even get a pilot order, the next step in the development process.” She added that Jesus is a recurring character on Comedy Central (which pokes fun at everybody) and that (propaganda blast ahead) “it appears that Mohammed is off limits; but Christ is fair game at Comedy Central.” So after establishing the requisite right wing propaganda point, Kelly introduced her “fair and balanced” talking heads Corey Saylor from CAIR and Dan Gainor from (surprise, surpise) Fox fave Brent Bozell’s right wing Media Research Center.

Kelly began by telling Gainer that "this is rather troubling to a number of people, a lot of Christians." (And after this “news,” they’ll be even more pissed!) Gainor said Christians should be outraged about this as it shows how “out of touch Hollywood” (those Hollywood Jews that Catholic League’s Bill Donahue hates so much?) "and Comedy Central are with 80% of the American public.” (So all Christians are upset about Comedy Central’s portrayal of Jesus?) Using the tired persecuted Christian whine, he claimed that “they don’t care about offending Christians.” He blithered about some comedian joking about pedophile priests. Chyron reinforced the agitprop – “Comedy Central: “No to Mohammed but “Yes” to Jesus Christ.” Kelly read the press release which described the show as being about how Jesus is trying to escape from the shadow of his father. Kelly asked Saylor if there is “a double standard” in the way Muslims and Christians are treated “in shows like this.” He pointed out that the image of Mohammed has been shown in South Park. While he talked about the need for “common decency” in depicting religious figures, the chyron propaganda continued: “Com Central: Mohammed Off Limits, Christ Fair Game.”

Kelly launched the requisite anti-Islamic talking point: “Unfortunately, there is an extreme wing of Islam…they believe that if you show the prophet Mohammed it could be blasphemy.” She added that because South Park showed Mohammed in a bear suit, they got death threats (Oh, like the kind of messages that Democrats, who supported health care, got?) which resulted in South Park “pulling it” (The show wasn’t pulled. The Mohammed character was blacked out) but “Comedy Central is going forward with this comedy about Jesus Christ and some say they’re doing that because they know they’re not going to get death threats about Jesus Christ.” (“some?”) Saylor said that the group which actually threatened South Park was a small “fringe of a fringe.” He noted that CAIR has objected to what they considered disrespectful depictions of Christian figures like Maplethorpe’s “Piss Christ” because Muslims revere Jesus. More Kelly agitprop to Gainer: “Do you think Comedy Central can get away with this because they know no death threats will be forthcoming from Christians. They might write angry letters, they might turn the channel; but nobody is going to threaten the creators of this show with murder, if they go forward and make fun of Jesus Christ.” On cue, Gainor said that “Hollywood is running scared of radical Islam” and “repeated acts of terror in this country are coming from radical Islam.” He accused Hollywood of “self censoring” regarding Islam and “hiding any controversy about Islam, so it’s safe to mock 80% of the population because despite what the media is telling us, Christians aren’t dangerous and they’re not going to go out and hurt people. (Tell that to Dr. Tiller’s widow, Dan). When Saylor said that abortion clinic bombers aren’t Muslims, Kelly shouted “that is out of line. Nobody is praising violence of any kind; but what we’re talking about here is the targeting of specific religious figures and what we’re seeing more and more is a double standard. That’s the problem.”

Comment: So Megyn Kelly’s editorializing and taking one side of an argument (the “right” side, so to speak) is part of Fox’s “fair and balanced” “news” line-up? Go figure?

And BTW, the title of the video is the classic Cavuto (question as fact) - "Religious Double Standard?"