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Hannity “Asks” If Obama Should “Step Aside”

Reported by Ellen - May 8, 2010 -

The hate mongering continued ratcheting up on Fox News last night (5/7/10) with Bullyboy Sean Hannity falsely alleging that President Obama “fails to act on national crises” and falsely alleging, as the Fox News producer helpfully put it on the banner that stayed on the screen for much of the segment, that “Obama mischaracterizes AZ law.” In fact, it was Hannity doing the mischaracterizing of the law, as he has continued to do, pardon the expression, from Day One. Yet Democratic “strategist” Steve Murphy never challenged Hannity on his disingenuous, divisive and inflammatory tactics. Instead, Murphy offered mostly mild-mannered, wonkish answers, and even made an effort to strut his anti-Obama bona fides, as though he were completely unaware of the Fox News political game in which he was acting as a pawn. Whether Murphy was being naïve or deliberately screwing his side for the sake of sucking up to Hannity, I’ll let you decide. With video.

In the anti-Obama screed that served as the introduction for the segment, Hannity said, “Judge (Obama) only by his actions in the past week.” Well, except for when Hannity wanted to bring up The Christmas bomber or two prior TSA nominees, from earlier weeks.

At the end of the screed, Hannity said, “That’s what we ask you to judge this president on as of now…. Mr. President, what in the world are you doing? Is it time to step up or maybe step aside?”

That was bad enough. But nearly as bad was the failure of the Democratic guest, Steve Murphy, to push back hard against that kind of hate mongering and hypocrisy. Murphy made some decent nods toward defending the President on his response to the oil spill and on the Arizona immigration law. But, right off the bat, moments after voicing strong support for Obama, Murphy played right into Hannity’s hands by saying that Obama should be “more supportive of Israel.”

It was the Republican guest, John Fund, who first told Hannity, “a lot of things (Obama’s) blamed for around the Gulf’s oil spill – not his fault.”

Hannity also asked, “How unacceptable is it when either the president out of ignorance or just willful advancement of a political agenda totally lies and mischaracterizes the Arizona immigration law?”

It’s a question that Murphy should have turned around on Hannity. Hannity has repeatedly mischaracterized the Arizona immigration law – while falsely accusing Obama of mischaracterizing the law. But Murphy merely said mildly, “(Obama's) not doing that.” Murphy didn’t even bother to explain why he thought Obama was right and Hannity wrong until after Hannity let loose another round of attacks.

It was the old Fox News dynamic. A strong, aggressive attack on Democrats from the conservative(s) and a milquetoasty, defensive response from the Democratic guest.

Please feel free to let Fox News know what you think of their tactics by commenting at hannity@foxnews.com or yourcomments@foxnews.com.

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