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Megyn Kelly Ignores The Facts To Promote Fox News Attacks On Bloomberg And Liberals Over Times Square Bomb

Reported by Ellen - May 6, 2010 -

Megyn Kelly and those “We like America” folks at Fox News are either willfully ignoring the truth or else deliberately lying as they continue to perpetuate the myth that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg blamed the right wing for the Times Square Bomb. Before it was known who set the bomb, Bloomberg said, “If I had to guess, 25¢, this would be exactly that, somebody who’s homegrown, maybe a mentally deranged person, or somebody with a political agenda that doesn’t like ah, the health care bill or something. It could be anything!” Clearly, Bloomberg meant that it looked like the job of an amateur and that he did not want to jump to the conclusion that it was another 9/11-type event. But Fox News has seized on Bloomberg’s “guess” that “maybe” it was someone who “doesn’t like the health care bill or something” as some kind of “proof” that conservatives are under attack while Muslims are getting a pass. What is the point of hyping this story if not to exploit it for divisive, partisan purposes? Kelly, who is surely smart enough to know what Bloomberg meant, dived into the story with both feet yesterday (5/4/10), twisting his words and repeatedly interrupting her Democratic guest, to advance the “conservatives as victims” agenda. Was “I love to hate people of color” Kelly upset because Bloomberg was being too kind to Muslims? Or was she just taking the stand she knew would please her superiors? I report, you decide. With video.

Kelly showed her bias right at the start as she played a clip of Bloomberg’s remarks and then immediately mocked him. “Somebody who doesn’t like the health care bill!” Funny how she overlooked the part where Bloomberg said, “It could be anything” (meaning the motive for setting the bomb could have been anything).

With her screechy self-righteousness, Kelly said, “He did not apologize for those remarks. Instead, he said this!” She played a clip of Bloomberg saying, “I want to make clear that we will not tolerate any bias or backlash against Pakistani or Muslim New Yorkers.”

Kelly sneered, “The mayor, very, very concerned about being politically correct yesterday. Not so much on Monday.” Of course, the second remark was made after it was known who had set the bomb. But Kelly did not emphasize that for the viewers. Was Kelly suggesting that Bloomberg should not have spoken out against a backlash toward Muslims?

Republican Jennifer Millerwise Dyck, further demonized Bloomberg by saying, “It is incredibly irresponsible that people would get out and suggest things before they have any of the facts.”

Of course, that’s exactly what Bloomberg had been avoiding. It was Fox News that took his words and twisted them to suggest otherwise. So who’s really being irresponsible? It was a point that seemed to be lost on Kelly.

Millerwise Dyck continued, “To downplay this threat, this real terrorist threat… and to try to play politics with it… is really just disgusting.”

I agree Jennifer. You, and more particularly, Kelly and Fox News should be ashamed of yourselves.

The Democratic guest, Bernard Whitman pointed out that Bloomberg had said it could have been “anything.” As Whitman tried to continue, Kelly interrupted him. “(Bloomberg) didn’t mention the tea party (per se),” Kelly said accusingly. “But he did mention those who oppose President Obama’s health care bill.” Yes, he MENTIONED them but he also made it clear that what he meant was, just as he said, “It could be anything.”

Whitman responded, “Unfortunately in this country we do have a history of domestically grown terrorism.”

Kelly, determined to attack Bloomberg no matter what, got up on her high horse to demand, “Why didn’t he mention animal rights activists?” Uh, maybe because they don’t tend to plant bombs on crowded streets, Meggy.

If Bloomberg had said, “’It could have been anything,’ (that) wouldn’t have been a problem,” Kelly said laughably. Of course, that’s exactly what Bloomberg HAD said and it was obviously what he meant but Kelly was obviously so determined to pursue her line of attack she wasn’t even interested in the facts any more.

Whitman pointed out “It could be anything” WAS what Bloomberg said. But as he tried to continue, Kelly kept interrupting him.

Kelly repeated her attack. “Listen, if (Bloomberg) had come out and said, ‘It could have been anything,’ this wouldn’t be news. The problem is, he said specifically, about this one group, it could be them.”

Kelly can blame Bloomberg all she wants but she’s the one who (this time) cherrypicked and twisted his words in order to exploit them for political purposes. Whatever her end game was, it wasn’t about the news.

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