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What’s In A Name? Fox News Obsesses About The Use Of Word “Terrorism” To Attack Obama Over Times Square Bomb

Reported by Ellen - May 5, 2010 -

In the wake of the arrest of the Times Square bomber, yesterday (5/4/10) Fox News pundits spent little time praising the efforts of law enforcement and the Obama administration for catching Faisal Shahzad so quickly (though they’ll undoubtedly be blaming Obama big time for the fact that Shahzad was able to board a plane and almost got away). Instead, perhaps desperate to find something – anything – they could use to tarnish the White House, Monica Crowley, Dana Perino and Sean Hannity dredged up the old “They won’t use the word ‘terrorism’” as some kind of proof that the White House is failing to keep us safe. With video.

Only on Fox News would catching the suspect and averting a terrorism incident not be trumpeted as great news for the Obama administration. Even though Monica Crowley could not articulate a single reason how or why using the words "Islamic" or "terrorism" make a difference, that didn’t stop Bill O’Reilly from framing the segment around, as she put it, “this suicidal inability to call the enemy what it is and talk about the nature of the threat as it exists.” Despite her smug self-assuredness (for all you Wally Lamb fans out there, every time I see Crowley, all I can think of is "Rosalie Twerski"), last I checked Crowley, though she has degrees in international affairs and formerly worked as a foreign policy assistant for Richard Nixon (long after he left office, from 1990-1994), she has no experience in terrorism or national security. She did not even serve in the military.

Later, on Hannity, Dana Perino reiterated the same message. Trading Crowley’s smugness for snippiness, Perino sniped, “If we don’t call this for what it is… a gnashing of teeth over what we’re gonna call things, is very unsettling.” As far as I can tell, the only ones gnashing their teeth over “what we’re gonna call things” are the conservatives.” In fact, fellow guest Stuart Varney and Sean Hannity chimed in to agree with her.

Like Crowley, Perino has no national security or terrorism credentials. Her expertise seems to lie entirely in media and messaging. She did not serve in the military, either.

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