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Fox News’ Varney Uses Time Square Bomb To Argue For Ethnic Discrimination Against Muslims

Reported by Ellen - May 5, 2010 -

As if there’s not enough hate already coming from them, Fox News chickenhawk Stuart Varney used the Times Square bomb incident to blast the left for not discriminating against Muslims. He never proved how ethnic discrimination would have prevented the incident - which was prevented by other means. But that didn't stop chickenhawks Sean Hannity and Dana Perino from agreeing. But first, Varney whined that the left was being “divisive” in refusing to do so. With video.

As you may recall, Fox News trumped up New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s recent comments, in which he refused to leap to the conclusion that an Islamic terrorist planted the Times Square bomb, and turned them into some kind of accusation against Obama opponents.

On last night’s Hannity (5/4/10), Sean Hannity revisited those comments in order to once again distort Bloomberg’s words as an effort to blame conservatives for the bomb.

“It’s divisive,” Varney complained. “It’s an attempt to demonize white males, Tea Party people, Republicans, conservatives.”

Actually, what Bloomberg said was not at all divisive. He was suggesting that people should NOT jump to conclusions. Bloomberg said, “If I had to guess, 25¢, this would be exactly that, somebody who’s homegrown, maybe a mentally deranged person, or somebody with a political agenda that doesn’t like ah, the health care bill or something. It could be anything!”

But Varney was completely willing to demonize Muslims. Also, he had no problem with Hannity demonizing the left. “We’re playing with fire here,” Varney continued, “If we don’t get on top of it… and take pre-emptive action and that implies some discrimination, a discriminatory scrutiny of people. You’ve got to do this.”

Hannity, of course, agreed and Perino implied that she did.

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