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Glenn Beck Blames the Unions For, Well, Everything . . But Wait, "There Are Good Reasons to Have Unions"

Reported by Julie - May 4, 2010 -

It's Monday . . . as if that's not bad enough. Then there's Monday (5/3/10) watching Glenn Beck, which takes Monday to a whole new level. There were some video clips from Greece and some from Europe, and there was rioting in the streets and fires and vandalism and there were a couple of supposedly communist books, too, "The Coming Insurrection" and "We Are An Image From the Future," and of course there's the Arizona immigration law protesters [video galore] and the SEIU and the teachers' union and all sorts of other unions, and, "Unions are using their members' good names . . . they're using your money to wreak havoc on our country," but on the other hand, "There are good reasons to have unions" . . . but wait, "The unions say they are standing up for the little guy, no they are not, not any more . . . ," but he'd march with his mother-in-law to further the cause of whatever union she's in (and she even got arrested once), but then again, "Our unions have to be exposed . . . why won't the media do it?" He promised to answer the question about who organized the immigration protests . . . still waiting for that, unless maybe it was his mother-in-law. Missing from the video action, of course, was the Greatest Hits of the Tea Party Movement -- I was particularly bereft not to get to again see the video depicting tea partiers hurling racial epithets and spitting on a Congressman. Saw a lot of those awful, horrible immigration protesters, though. With video.

Let's talk about our neighbors a bit . . . well, "We understand that people are gonna fail, our neighbors are gonna fail and we're gonna help them out" -- but don't help too much, because "we also know that our neighbor is responsible for getting himself back up again . . . . "

My friends . . . there's a reason Beck has lost 30% of his audience since the beginning of the year. There's a reason he's running in the UK with no advertisers. Hell, there's a reason Beck's lost dozens and dozens of advertisers here in the U.S. Stay with me -- I've got the exclusive on this.

But first, friends, hold on to your hats and gird your loins, because "there's something going on very bad and you can see the pattern and it's beginning here . . . now the follow-up comes up . . . 'We Are An Image From the Future' . . . I can show you the video and yet nobody in the media really cares . . . the unions are following the playbooks from Europe . . . ."

So that was what all the fires and violence in Europe and Greece was all about -- the unions in the U.S. Huh.

And then there's America -- at least I guess that's what he was talking about.

"You preserve something that you love . . . you don't fundamentally transform something you cherish." Funny -- there was probably somebody, way back when, who cherished Beck enough to attempt to "fundamentally transform" him from a hyped-up cocaine addict and alcoholic into someone who wasn't gonna end up in prison or dead. Kind of an accurate simile, if you ask me, to what's going on in the U.S. today.

Friends, here's the exclusive, the breaking news, the reason Beck loses audience, the reason Beck loses advertisers, the reason he doesn't get invited to the cool parties at the White House and why that pretty red phone never rings -- to borrow a phrase from somebody famous (Jon Stewart, I think), Glenn Beck is, simply, batshit crazy.