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Bill O’Reilly Tells “The Truth About Arizona And Illegal Aliens?” ROFLMAO!!!

Reported by Priscilla - May 4, 2010 -

As an American with sagging Celtic features, it’s safe to say that Bill O’Reilly will never be asked for his “papers” in Arizona. But Americans citizens, whose features and accent mark them as Hispanics, could be detained by Arizona police if they aren’t carrying their papers. Bill O’Reilly doesn’t think that’s a big deal because then they could sue! Bill, obviously, could afford a lawyer in such circumstances. That ordinary Hispanics might not be able to do so is no problem for Bill who is a big fan of the new Arizona law and, as such, devoted his “Talking Points” to a heated defense of a law which even right wing Republicans like Karl Rove, Tom Tancredo, and Rick Perry have problems with. Bill’s defense of the law, not surprisingly, touched on the “crime” aspect – cuz nothing gets Bill’s xenophobic audience’s blood boiling more than the thought of this alleged illegal crime wave that Bill so loves to promote. Throw in lots of references to how illegals = Hispanics and Bill’s pitchfork audience is on their feet with xenophobic fury. Bill’s “talking points” hit all the requisite right wing notes in appealing to those who have no problem with possible violations of civil rights. And while telling “the truth about Arizona and illegals,” Bill left out the inconvenient truth that what brings illegals to America is the promise of jobs from those who get rich off of the labor of these folks. Suffice to say, Bill’s “Truth” was the usual crock of – ah – misinformation.

While not exactly toned and tanned, Bill is back from vacation. He didn’t waste any time in getting into his usual attack the liberal media mode which, coupled with his defense of a law which civil rights experts (and Bill is not) have criticized, showed that it was business as usual at “The Factor.” Bill, who isn’t exactly known for his “truthiness,” presented “the truth about Arizona and illegals.” He introduced the topic as something that could “badly damage” the Obama presidency. He then, for lack of a better word, lied about how this weekend there were organized protests by “pro-illegal” alien demonstrators. This isn’t true because the marches were about the new Arizona law which is considered to be unconstitutional and discriminatory and which even Arizona police object to. In fact, one of the signs, featured on a video, referenced “immigration reform.” He said that most protesters were peaceful; but there was some violence. He launched into “generalization” mode when he claimed that the “far left is apparently using the new alien law to vent its anger.” He then proceeded to tell “the truth” about the law – but fell far short of this objective. He said that it’s all good because the Arizona governor has ordered police “not to question anyone unless the cops are already investigating a violation.” He didn’t note that this violation could apply to housing code investigations - like those related to cars on blocks as noted by the Catholic magazine (not “far left”) “Commonweal.” He added that police can be sued if they can’t prove that their questioning is lawful. (Cold comfort to somebody who has been unlawfully detained.) Not bothered by the possibility that an American citizen, without papers, could be detained, he added that all foreigners are required to carry ID’s. Bill, who compared Arianna Huffington to Nazis, said that the “far left media” are defining the law in “Nazi” terms. He showed a clip of Joy Behar and Michael Moore. Bill said that some people believe this “propaganda.” (Oh, the irony!) He showed video of those whom Bill thinks are wrong about the potential for racial profiling and in a very blasé manner said that “no question that Hispanics, in Arizona, will be affected” and it’s understandable that they’re “uneasy.” Throwing in some nice nativism (which was once shown toward the Irish), he pointed out that because most illegal aliens are Hispanic. (Most of those danmed Papists are “paddies.”) “there’s no way to avoid the ethnic issue.”

He then played the fear of illegal immigrant crime meme which, according to the CATO Institute (hardly “far left”) is a misguided fear because “the crime rate in Arizona in 2008 was the lowest it has been in four decades. In the past decade, as the number of illegal immigrants in the state grew rapidly, the violent crime rate dropped by 23 percent, the property crime rate by 28 percent” Cato also notes “Census data show that immigrants are actually less likely to commit crimes than their native-born counterparts.” Despite information to the contrary, he claimed (did he lie or is he misinformed?) that Phoenix crime is “out of control” a discredited claim made in Murdoch’s NY Post. Bill, who didn’t win a Peabody and certainly not a Pulitzer, noted that “liberal” Washington Post colunmnists Eugene Robinson (Pulitzer winner) and Richard Cohen are ignoring this crime data and rather, focus on the silly civil rights aspects of the law. He claimed that “left wing media offers no solution” despite the above cited writers advocate for comprehensive immigration reform. He went to excoriate other “liberals” and liberal groups such as the Carnegie Foundation and the Center for American Progress for being “pro-illegal immigration.”

Comment: It’s not the media that is being “dishonest” in it’s presentation of a law which, as Eugene Robinson points out, is "racist, arbitrary, oppressive, mean-spirited, unjust” – something that lily white and English speaking Bill O’Reilly doesn’t seem to care about – after all, if you’re a paperless American citizen who gets picked up by Arizona cops, you can always sue – no big deal! Bill O’Reilly is obviously not looking out for brown people. There’s a Spanish word that describes Bill O’Reilly. I think it’s “pendejo.”

Addendum: According to Forbes (not a far left site), Phoenix is the 14th safest city in the US. Bill claimed that NY City only had 16,000 more reported crimes than Phoenix without noting that Mayor Bloomberg said that NY City would collapse without illegal immigrants. Bill didn’t note that the number of reported crimes in Phoenix has dropped more than 50% since 1999