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Fox News Trots Out “Heckuva Job Brownie” To Accuse Obama Of Deliberately Turning Oil Spill Into Obama’s Katrina

Reported by Ellen - May 3, 2010 -

Co-authored by Brian

Former FEMA head Michael Brown appeared on Your World with Neil Cavuto today to further the latest Fox News meme that the horrific oil spill off Louisiana is President Obama’s Katrina - but with the added twist that Obama deliberately sabotaged the response in order to advance his anti-drilling agenda. Brown did not explain why Obama would first play down the disaster in order to play it up later – was he in cahoots with BP? Did he send them a secret signal to underestimate the extent of the damage? Or did he have one of his Maoist agents (Hey, maybe it was Van Jones!) sabotage the drilling? I guess we’ll have to wait for Sean Hannity or Glenn Beck to explain the nuts and bolts of just how Obama worked his radical, socialist agenda here. Meanwhile, Brown compared himself to the Coast Guard. With video.

Brown’s explanation of the analogy between Katrina and the oil spill began with a self-vindicating comparison. “Here are the similarities, Neil. First of all, you have a disaster occur, and the Coast Guard shows up immediately. That’s their job. In Katrina, FEMA showed up immediately. The president is off in San Diego, strumming the guitar. Obama’s back east, going to the White House Correspondent’s Dinner.”

Without offering any evidence for his assertion, Brown accused President Obama of ignoring the oil spill in order to further his political agenda. "Only now is the President appearing to be engaged, and I think the delay was this, it’s pure politics. This President has never supported big oil, he’s never supported offshore drilling and now he has an excuse to shut it back down. You've already heard Bill Nelson, Senator from Florida talking about offshore drilling is DOA. They played politics with this crisis, and left the Coast Guard out there, by themselves, doing what they're supposed to do. "

Cavuto asked, "You don't take it at face value when he says a temporary halt in offshore drilling is just that?"

"No,” Brown insisted. “They don't say these things without it being coordinated… Now he can pander to the environmentalists and say ‘I'm going to shut it down because it's too dangerous.’ While Mexico and China and everybody else drills in the Gulf, we’re going to get shut down."

Brown later said, "We knew what was going on, and how bad it was." (referring to Katrina). He added that he assumed that while BP may have told the Coast Guard that the spill was under control, “EPA should have been there, themselves, verifying whether that’s true or not. I think they just dropped the ball. I don't think they care."

So let me get this straight. Obama sabotaged the ecosystem of an entire region just to promote his green agenda? He didn’t care about the oil spill because he does care to use it as a political football? It seems to me that if he wanted to make sure the spill turned into a catastrophe, he would not have ordered the Coast Guard there in the first place. Or was that just a clever ruse to cover up his master plan?

Cavuto didn’t ask about the nuts and bolts of the diabolical plan. Nor did he question the illogical, close-to-seditious accusation from Brown. Instead, Cavuto asked if the media "is giving this President a pass on his handling (of the spill)?” Cavuto added, "to be fair," he thought the media were holding back because they “still can’t grasp the dimensions of this.”

No such restraint at “fair and balanced” Fox News – not while there’s a Democrat in the White House, anyway.

“Come on,” Brown said, adding that he doesn’t have to be fair and balanced like Fox. "The media has been ignoring it for two weeks… I think the media sat back… I would not be surprised if the White House said, ‘You know what? We might be able to guess what, do what? Use this crisis to our advantage. Let this crisis get really bad and then we’ll step in, we’ll be able to shut down offshore drilling. We’ll be able to turn to all these alternate fuels. And I think the problem they have right now is, they waited too long."

“So by constantly referring to this as ‘the BP spill,’ ‘the BP leak,’ ‘the BP disaster,’ there’s a method to that, right?” Cavuto agreed.

"Oh, absolutely," Brown said. "The media’s responsibility right now is, where was the EPA? Why was she (EPA head, Lisa Jackson) out talking to David Letterman instead of down on the Gulf Coast? She went to New Orleans, she talked to community organizers.”

Oooh, maybe ACORN is in on the plot, too.

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