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Megyn Kelly Provides Pulpit For Tony Perkins To Bash Obama And Military “Gay Agenda”

Reported by Priscilla - May 1, 2010 -

Persecuted Christians are legion on Fox “opinion” News. Fox hosts and guests claim that the last vestiges of religious bigotry are in the main stream media which feels comfortable mocking Christianity while not engaging in the good “Christian” Islamophobia so beloved of the good “Christians” at Fox. The persecuted Christian meme has even slipped over into Fox “News” where Martha MacCallum, and Shannon Bream provided support for right wing Christian outrage over the Pentagon’s decision to rescind an invitation for anti-Islamic evangelist, Franklin Graham, to speak at a Prayer Day event. But it’s not only Graham, whose vile comments earned him a disinvite from the military. The Air Force, in February, rescinded their invitation for the homophobic, radical Christian right leader, Tony Perkins, to speak at an Air Force prayer luncheon. Not surprisingly, the Christian right had a “melt down” – especially about the lack of media coverage. Not surprisingly, Perkins showed up on Megyn Kelly’s “news” show to diss President Obama, whine about the so called "gay agenda," and throw in a little Franklin Graham praise. That Fox considers this “newsworthy,” once again, underscores their narrative which seems to be directly connected to the conservative, Christian right and which seems to be driven by an animosity toward the President. The lessons, here, were very clear.

This week, Kelly reported that “one Republican lawmaker is now calling for congressional hearings to investigate why the US Military has rescinded two invitations to conservative, Christian leaders.” She referenced the rescinding of Graham’s and Perkin’s invitations and then presented the propaganda message via the good old "some say" - “some are saying that’s because of the men’s politics.” The chyron read “Airmen Say They Are Unhappy W/Perkins’ Statement About President.” (Get it, it’s Obama’s fault that poor Tony got the boot). In asking Perkins about this Kelly reiterated that “some say that’s it’s because of positions you’ve taken that oppose President Obama’s policies.” Perkins joked about how, under this administration, the DOD is turning into the department of disinvitation for conservative Christians because of issues like Graham’s position on “radical Islam” (no, Tony, he didn’t qualify his comments with “radical”) and Perkins’ views on “present law regarding homosexuality in the military.” He reinforced his anti-Obama view by saying that “this administration appears to be using the military to advance his agenda.” (Scuse me Tony, but gay activists are really pissed that DADT is moving so slowly because “this administration” is allowing the military to move at its own speed regarding the feasibility of making the change). He reiterated his belief that the military “is being used to advance this administration’s agenda.” Kelly said that this is “heating up again” because she received a statement from Andrew’s Air Base which said that the disinvitation wasn’t because of Perkin’s views about Obama’s position on gays serving in the military; but rather because personnel at the base complained about Perkins' remarks, on his website, that Obama is threatening national security in order to advance the "radical gay agenda." Perkins’ said he stood by his statement which is consistent with current law and that Obama isn’t concerned about the security implications. (Yeah, Tony, that’s why he’s letting the DOD study the issue.) When Kelly said that the spokesperson also said that people who complained said that they wouldn’t attend the luncheon if Perkins was the speaker, Perkins claimed that only 12 people complained adding that there’s a climate of political correctness in which military chaplains fear offending officers who take their orders from the White House. Kelly let Perkins blither on about how the military shouldn’t be used for an agenda – a laughable statement considering that the overt proselytization, by Christian officers, is the basis for a number of official complaints.

Perkins said that his Andrews talk wasn’t about politics – but about loving thy neighbor (Cept if they’re gay!!!). He added that his and Graham’s message is about the gospel of Jesus Christ (and who cares if not all in the audience are Jesus’ BFF) which doesn’t fit into the “political correct model" which “is being shaken by Obama.” He praised the military who “shouldn’t be saddled with this administration’s political agenda." Kelly did ask him how he blames Obama rather than those who made the decision. Perkins blithered about Obama’s stated committement to ending DADT despite supposed weak support from the military. He claimed that an official who opposed this “was nearly drummed out of the army.” Kelly reported that Perkins has been invited to speak at an upcoming event at Andrews. She ended by saying that “we’ll be watching” to see if any other members of Congress agree that an investigation is warranted.

Comment: Although Kelly provided some counterpoint, most of Perkin’s time, unrebutted by Kelly, was spent pushing right wing homophobic propaganda about why the Air Force rescinded his invitation over comments which, according to the Air Force, are "incompatible in our role as military members who serve our elected officials and our Commander in Chief." Air Force Chaplain Lt. Col. Gary Bertsch, who notified Perkisn of the rescinding, said “As a former Marine officer, I’m sure you understand the situation in which we find ourselves. As military members we are sworn to support our Commander in Chief, and are forbidden to make or support statements which run counter to our roles as members of the armed forces.” But “Joe.My.God” says it best: Why would somebody who calls the Commander In Chief a socialist/marxist/illegal alien be surprised if they aren't allowed to speak to his troops? Oh, wait. We know why” But “some say” (racial, right wing Christians) that Obama’s military is persecuting good (homophobic) pastors – who have a friend in Jesus and Fox “News.”