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Hannity Suddenly Decides Louisiana Oil Spill Is Obama’s Katrina

Reported by Ellen - May 1, 2010 -

Remember when Sean Hannity deplored the politicization of tragedies? How he accused Democrats of using Katrina to “score cheap political points?” Well, that was then – when Republican George W. Bush was president. And this is now – when Democrat Barack Obama is president. So without bothering to actually report on what is happening and has happened in the Louisiana oil spill: the impact on the ecosystem, the fishing industry, tourism industry, etc., Hannity focused on attacking Obama for not responding sooner and railing against the Democrats who are giving Obama the pass they did not give Bush. Yet it’s funny how it wasn’t until the same day that Rush Limbaugh used the “Obama’s Katrina” line that Hannity even noticed what Obama was or was not doing for the oil spill. As Hannity blustered with bullyboy belligerence about all the steps he thought Obama should have taken nine days ago, when the spill first happened, I had to wonder: Why didn’t Hannity urge the president to do something then? Why wasn’t Hannity talking about it until now? As if all that were not hypocritically partisan enough, Hannity also had the nerve to complain – in the midst of his politicizing – that Democrats were politicizing the crisis. With video.

On last night's show (4/30/10), Hannity's interest in the oil spill had become so great, he obsessed about it over three segments. In the lead-off segment, devoted exclusively to the oil spill, his own conservative guest rejected the Katrina comparison. So Hannity rejected the guest's view.

Hannity couldn’t even get his facts straight. He said about the clean up operation, “The sole responsibility would be the federal government… They sat back for nine days and they did absolutely nothing.”

Hardly. For one thing, BP is responsible for the clean up. For another, Media Matters has a very nice time line of the numerous different steps the Obama administration has taken since the beginning of the spill. Media Matters, also points out that BP reportedly misled the Obama administration about the severity of the spill.

Hannity complained, “There’s a lot we could have done to contain this. Certainly, we should have sent people out there to at least assess the damage, assess the environmental impact.”

Yet until now, the same day that Limbaugh called the spill “Obama’s Katrina,” Hannity showed little to no interest in the progress of the clean up or the Obama administration's participation.

As if that weren’t hypocritical enough, he moved on to complain that the spill was being “politicized” by Democrats who are arguing that offshore drilling should be suspended. He even suggested that Democrats were responsible for the tragedy in the first place because they are “beholden to environmental extremists” antagonistic to nuclear power, drilling in ANWR, expanded coal mining, etc. “We may make the case that we wouldn’t have to drill in an environmentally sensitive area like the Gulf,” Hannity said.

So let me get this straight. The Democrats are using the oil spill to advance their radical, anti-offshore drilling agenda. And if it were not for their radical environmentalism, we would not be drilling there in the first place. Yeah, that makes sense – in a totally non-politicized kind of way.

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