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Arizona Gov. Brewer Decries “Hysteria” Over Immigration Law, Then Calls Illegal Immigration “Terrorism”

Reported by Ellen - May 1, 2010 -

In an interview with Megyn Kelly on America Live Friday (4/30/10), Arizona Governor Jan Brewer discussed the controversial new immigration law she recently signed into effect. First, she complained about her critics who “are trying to create hysteria” against the law. But less than a minute later, Brewer was doing her best to create anti-immigrant hysteria by equating illegal immigration to terrorist attacks. With video.

“Consider the source,” Brewer said about critics who have compared her to Hitler. “The sources are mean and hateful and are trying to create hysteria. It’s very unfortunate.”

Not so unfortunate that Brewer wasn’t willing to use the same tactics, right there, about a minute later.

Kelly asked, “Do you think that these folks (Brewer's critics), who are all noticeably outside of your state, the ones that I just ticked off, including the President, have an appreciation, governor, for what Arizona has been going through with respect to illegal immigration?"

"Obviously not," Brewer said. "You know, Arizona has been under terrorist attacks, if you will, with all of this illegal immigration that has been taking place on our very, very porous border. The federal government has not stepped up to protect us and to do their job and to fulfill their responsibility… The whole issue comes back, that we do not and will not tolerate illegal immigration bringing with it very much so the implications of crime and terrorism into our state."

Now who’s trying to create hysteria?

Kelly didn’t seem to notice.

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