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Tell The FCC We Need Better Media Now!

Reported by Ellen - April 30, 2010 -

Although Fox News likes to present itself as an alternative to the so-called liberal media everywhere else, the truth is the rest of the media is corporatist. It would rather run another segment on John Edwards' mistress or Lindsay Lohan than do an in-depth analysis of our war in Afghanistan or the details of pending financial reform legislation. We believe that a viable democracy depends upon viable media. To that end, we ask you to join Free Press' effort to send a message to the FCC letting them know how much we care about our media and what we think needs to be done to improve it. Free Press notes that the FCC is debating an overhaul of the laws that shape everything we watch, read, and hear – and they need to hear from you right now.

Free Press put together a simple questionnaire that's suitable for people of all political views with a few simple questions so that you can forward your thoughts and ideas about the media.

In their email to us, Free Press wrote, "Last weekend, FCC Commissioner Michael Copps told journalist Bill Moyers that our many media problems won’t get resolved 'until the American people really get fired up about them… We've got to send a message to all of our elected representatives and everybody else that we're expecting some action. The future is now.'"

We couldn't agree more. Click here to have your voice heard.

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