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NewsBuster Noel Sheppard Hearts Megyn Kelly

Reported by Priscilla - April 30, 2010 -

But in a purely chaste, Christian, and appropriately heterosexual way. Yes, folks, it looks like one of Brent Bozell’s love children (immaculately conceived, of course) at his blog, News Busters, has the hearts (or is it hots?!) for Fox “News” woman, Megyn Kelly. The love note was penned by conservatively biased News Buster Noel Sheppard who seeks out liberal bias everywhere – including Bono’s article, in Time Magazine, which praised Bill Clinton’s (one of Time’s 100 most influential people) role is slashing the price of AIDS drugs. Bono’s “liberal bias” – not giving credit to George Bush for his having done that too. It’s not surprising that Sheppard likes Kelly because his style of “journalism” is as disengenious as Fox "News" – as shown by his selective quote cropping of a climate change article in order to support his narrative, popular in the religious, non scientific “conservative” krewe, that climate change is not happening. So it’s not surprising that Sheppard would do a shout out for Megyn Kelly’s recent “news” segment which, as I pointed out, was really all about demonizing anti-immigration protestors and the librul media's "double standard" shown by its alleged support of “rowdy” immigration protesters after having described the alleged spitting and racial epithet hurling teabaggers, in Washington DC, as “ugly.” And while vilifying the immigration protesters, Kelly provided not so subtle praise for "peaceful" Tea Partiers. The right wing narrative was quite clear and appreciated by Sheppard whose journalistic wet kiss to Kelly does seem to indicate that News Busters and Fox News are quite an item!

Noel is a very sensitive guy. He positively had “the vapors” over Cathy Griffin who said a nasty, bad thing about Sarah Palin. (The News Busters boys are pure of mind and heart and, as such, don’t like nasty, bad, irreligious, librul comediennes like Griffin, Garofalo, Behar, and O’Donnell because they are such meanies. On the other hand, they love Coulter and Malkin who are just a couple of conservative Christian cuties!) Sheppard’s love paen to Kelly started with the description of her “news” segment which "featured a marvelous comparison of how the media cover Tea Parties versus immigration protests.” He then referenced Scott Whitlock’s News Buster piece, about the supposed disparity of coverage, which seems to have started the ball rolling, at Fox, for a Fox "opinion" and Fox "News" (continued into day 2 by Megyn Kelly whose first day of propaganda wasn't satisfying enough?) theme party related to this topic. Noel’s “Big Daddy” (journalistically speaking) Brent Bozell, on Fox & Friends, pimped Whitlock’s article during a discussion of the “dramatically different” coverage of both protests by the librul non Fox media. Continuing with his non biased reporting, Sheppard asserted that Mark Levin, “hysterically,” (a little hyperbole?) saw both reports as being accurate. (And we know, because Fox told us, that they weren’t!) It was apparent that Noel was quite stimulated by Kelly’s piece: “To be sure, we at NewsBusters are thrilled that others saw the same absurd hypocrisy in these reports as we did, but the bigger question is whether those responsible actually care.” He then whined about how other evil, librul networks ignored this blatant example of partisanship. (Oh, the irony!) He reinforced the meme, popularized by Fox, of violent, “rowdy” brown people: "The only questions remaining are how many people will need to be arrested -- and windows broken -- before such demonstrations are called "very ugly," and will Tea Partiers have to wear flowers in their hair while singing 'Kumbaya" to ever be considered "mostly peaceful?" (Hey, Noel, how many death threats will Democrats need to receive in order for you guys to acknowlege that the current preponderance of hatred and anger is on your side – hatred and anger being fuelled by you and your beloved Fox News!)

As the “Church Lady” would say “isn’t that special” that Fox News is beloved by a blog whose crusade (or is it jihad) is focused on smoking out liberal bias – although News Busters doesn’t claim to be “fair and balanced.” (Good thing cuz it’s not!). They do seem to be in bed together – but in a Christian, chaste, and appropriately heterosexual way. "Fox News Watch" right wing news watcher, Jim Pinkerton, hearts News Busters and they heart him so it's all good.

We know that correlation doesn’t imply causation; but Noel Sheppard’s journalistic embrace of Megyn Kelly does seem to indicate that Fox News is strutting its stuff to an audience that’s just looking for conservative love. Hope it was as good for Megyn as it was for Noel.