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"Democrat" Greta Van Susteren Promotes The GOP’s “Blame Obama For Arizona Immigration Law“ Meme At Fox News

Reported by Ellen - April 30, 2010 -

Republicans on Fox News keep trying to blame President Obama for the Arizona immigration law. The argument goes like this: If Obama had done his job properly, Arizona would not have felt the need to pass their controversial law that many feel is unconstitutional. Even Karl Rove thinks it’s unconstitutional. But that didn’t stop him trying to blame Obama, too. Sarah Palin didn’t comment on the Constitutionality of the law, but she also blamed Obama. As has Fox News contributor Rich Lowry. None of that is terribly surprising. But what about "Liberal" “Democrat” Greta Van Susteren? She stopped one step short of blaming Obama outright but she certainly suggested he bore some of the blame during her interview last night (4/29/10) with Sen. John McCain. With video.

At about the 2:30 mark in the video below, Van Susteren began to gratuitously opine on the immigration problem. I thought the purpose of the segment was to get McCain’s take on the situation but Van Susteren seemed determined to make sure that this GOP talking point made it into the discussion. “The thing that strikes me is,” she began. “…President Reagan said we’ve got to secure the boarders… President Obama said that he was going to take care of the problem (as if he’s been slacking since taking office!). Everybody on the national level said that he or she’s gonna take care of the problem. But it’s not done. What is your (meaning the federal government) problem?”

I noticed she left out President Bush’s and McCain’s efforts to enact immigration reform, blocked by the right wing of their own party.

Van Susteren also added this unnecessary dig at Janet Napolitano, former governor of Arizona. “Then Gov. Napolitano said, you know, she wanted… she’s made statements about securing the borders. Then she becomes a federal person, she becomes head of Homeland Security and suddenly the enthusiasm seems to dissipate a little bit. And I don’t know if it’s because it’s the impossible problem or what it is.”

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