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Megyn Kelly & Bernie Goldberg Say SNL’s Nazi Reference Is Liberal Bias! Really???

Reported by Priscilla - April 29, 2010 -

As I said, “ain’t no party like a Fox News theme party." Tuesday, the theme or Fox News lesson for the day was that the evil, librul media is providing positive coverage of those evil immigrations protesters – as opposed to their negative coverage of the sainted teabaggers who, while not being “rowdy,” consistently sport racist and generally derogatory posters of the President and (allegedly) screamed racial and homophobic epithets at their last teabagging bash. Megyn Kelly is part of Fox (alleged) “News” lineup; but that didn’t stop her, on Tuesday, from reinforcing the theme for the day in her defense of the Tea Party protests and her less than positive commentary regarding both the immigration protesters and the coverage of the protests. Yesterday, she continued the theme with party guy Bernie Goldberg who reinforced the theme with the same points that he made with Laura Ingraham the night before. And to show just how bad the librul media is, Megyn Kelly (whose blonde, “Aryan” looks will never produce a request for citizenship papers) referenced the “Weekend Update” segment on SNL which, in satirizing the Arizona immigration law, made reference to Nazis requiring “papers.” SNL isn’t a “news” show – but Megyn Kelly’s show (allegedly) is. Although, one could say that, as “news, it’s a comedic parody.

Kelly played the SNL clip of “Weekend Update” where Seth Myers satirizes the very real concern about Hispanic American citizens and legal residents having to show “papers” – something done in Nazi Germany. ( a "dry fascism!) “News” woman Kelly said that “it was only a couple of weeks ago that you weren’t allowed to demonize opponents by suggesting that they were Nazis and that kind of thing and now we’re seeing more and more of that. Comedian (whoops, journalist) Bernie Goldberg said that he wasn’t commenting on the law except to say that it “mirrors” federal law. In saying this, Bernie was articulating a right wing theme, also articulated by Sarah Palin, about the law – a talking point which is refuted by numerous legal experts who claim that the federal law does not have the sweeping power to detain immigrants that is seen in Arizona law. He snuck in another right wing theme that the federal government is choosing not to uphold the law. While he agreed that the demonstration was “mostly peaceful,” he whined that if a teabagger had thrown a bottle the media would have treated it differently. He repeated what we heard the day before that the evil, librul media described the Washington DC protest as “ugly.” (One has only to see the angry white dude scream at Rep. Cleaver to see the ugliness; but I guess “ugly” is in the eye of the beholder!) He then said that in the US, “we should be very, very careful if we make analogies to Nazis or Hitler. It’s going way out on a limb. Yet liberals in the media have been making this Nazi Hitler analogy…” He referenced Linda Greenhouse’s of the NYTimes and Phil Donahue who made comparisons of the Arizona law with Naziism and said that asking for a green card is not comparable. He added that a Jew in Germany, who had been asked for papers, would have been on the train to a concentration camp immediately after the request and there is no comparison to the Arizona law. (Bernie obviously has no problem with the detainment of US citizens who can’t produce “the papers.”)

Kelly said that this is how “bias” sneaks into the news (Oh, the irony!) because the average citizen watches that report and might not know that it is biased. (Uh, I think the SNL audience is fairly savvy and, if they see and read all the criticisms from the reality based community, would know that the SNL report has a basis in reality.) More ROFLMAO when Goldberg said that CNN described the new law as “polarizing” but they never used that word to describe the health care debate (Want some cheese with that whine, Bernie) even though "most Americans were against health care and most Arizonans are for the immigration law.” He described the difference as an example of subtle bias. (Unlike the blatant bias on “America Live?”) Kelly repeated the meme about “different reaction” to both protests when (in case you didn’t see it on the video) “you saw bottles being thrown at the heads of police officers.” She mocked her guest, Mark Levin, who, the day before, said that the Fox camera person deliberately bounced the camera around for added effect – and we know that Fox would never do anything phony like when Griff Jenkins’s producer was whipping up some teabaggers. She said “that’s the state of the media.” Goldberg was describing Fox News when he said that the “nature of bias is to subtly say things that most civilians out there watching wouldn’t pick up on immediately.” Wait a minute Fox is much more blatant. If you watch Megyn Kelly’s “news” show, you learn that brown people engage in violent behavior, mostly white teabaggers are wonderful, and the mainstream media sucks. Kelly then pimped Goldberg’s anti media book.

Comment: Once again, Megyn Kelly, with Bernie Goldberg’s assistance, diverted the issue of racial profiling (which should be of concern to attorney Kelly) of how the bad behavior, on the part of the immigration protesters, is being whitewashed by the evil, librul press who demonized those nice teabaggers. But even worse was the hypocrisy. Where is Goldberg’s concern about Glenn Beck’s constant comparison of liberals and the Obama administration to the Nazi party? Where is his concern about his beloved Tea Party pals use of Nazi imagery to depict our president? But the most noteworthy aspect of this segment is that a couple of jokers from Fox News, a network whose existence is based on right wing polarizing propaganda, would accuse an equal opportunity comedy show, of being biased? As Seth and Amy would say, “really????!!!!”