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Megyn Kelly And Fox News Smear Murtha’s Honor

Reported by Ellen - April 29, 2010 -

What does it say about a network and its anchor that it would spend an entire segment “debating” over the moot question of whether a deceased Congressman and decorated Marine Corps veteran of 37 years deserves to have a Navy ship named after him? Megyn Kelly not only did that on America Live yesterday (4/28/10), she even went so far as to cite a Facebook page in order to suggest that the honor is “a disgrace… and that this is as bad as naming a warship for Benedict Arnold.” Is this really an important issue or just another opportunity to take shots at one of Fox News’ favorite targets? With video.

The premise of the supposed controversy is based on those comments that Murtha made in 2006, in which he spoke out against the war in Iraq and, especially, the hardships it was placing on U.S. troops. Murtha said about an incident in Haditha, Iraq, ““Our troops overreacted because of the pressure on them and they killed innocent civilians in cold blood.” The soldiers have since been exonerated but the conviction of Murtha lives on at Fox News, even though the “fair and balanced” network continues to misrepresent the troop-sympathizing thrust of Murtha’s remark. Even after his death, Kelly continued that shameful Fox News tradition. Her "moderating" of the debate focused on pushing Murtha's supporter to defend Murtha and avoiding the larger context of Murtha's meaning - and glossing over his long record of devotion to the troops.

And even if Murtha’s statement was as reprehensible as Kelly and her Republican guest repeatedly suggested, it’s one comment in a long, distinguished military record of a deceased Congressman. What is the point of making an issue out of this other than to be divisive in order to make partisan, political hay? Especially since, as Kelly revealed at the end of the segment that the entire debate was over a moot point because the ship has already been named for Murtha.

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