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Laura Ingraham & Bernie Goldberg Reinforce “Lamestream” Media Bias “Party” Line

Reported by Priscilla - April 29, 2010 -

Ain’t no party like a Fox theme party and Tuesday’s Fox News theme party was all about how the evil, librul press is just sooo nice to those who are protesting the Arizona immigration law and just sooo bad to those sweet teabaggers whose screaming of racial epithets and signs depicting the president in racist and Nazi terms are just the manifestation of true patriotism. The Fox party started on Fox’s morning propaganda chat show, Fox & Friends, where Fox fave Brent Bozell got the party started with talk about how the press is showing favoritism to “rowdy” anti-immigration law protesters after having dissed those squeaky clean teabaggers. Party gal, Megyn Kelly, picked up the meme during her “news” show. Subbing for Bill O’Reilly, Laura Ingraham, of the Fox “opinion” side, kept the party going with commentary from that paragon of journalistic objectivity, Bernie Goldberg.

The segment was a rehash of the rhetoric from the earlier shows. Good Christian Laura (and we know it because she wears a great big cross) repeated that the bad brown people were “rowdy” because they threw bottles at police. She accused the mainstream media of “largely ignoring” this bad behavior on the part of bad brown people which was a “stark contrast” to their coverage of the always well behaved teabaggers. Laura guffawed when she asked “why are we surprised” and described “thugs” in Arizona (Bad brown people, get it?) while we’re still hearing about the “largely peaceful tea parties.” (Uh, Laura, the only media obsessing about the teabaggers is Fox News.) Goldberg, picking up on Sarah Palin’s cute phrase, said the if the “lamestream media” supports a cause, they will write favorably about it. (Like Fox’s endorsement and promotion of the tea parties?) He continued to whine about the Tea Party coverage. Ingraham scoffed at how the press portrays the protestors as protesting against what they see as discrimination. (Does Laura, whose blonde "Aryan" looks will never require her to show papers, know that even conservative, Republican, Virginia governor Bob McDonnell has a problem with this law?). Goldberg whined about how the press emphasizes the negatives of the tea party. Picking up from Fox & Friends, Ingraham played the tape of the “Slate” podcasters’ comments about Wall Street. As with Fox & Friends, no mention was made of death threats made to Democratic member of Congress and the exhortation, by a tea party leader, to vandalize Democratic property. Goldberg said that if Bill O’Reilly had said something like that, the left would have portrayed him as a “hateful person.” (You mean like when Bill constantly alluded to Dr. Tiller as a killer and you didn’t say didly about that?) Forgetting that Dr. Tiller was murdered by one of O’Reilly’s “pro-life” fellow travelers, he asked if “God forbid” somebody took action against somebody on Wall Street.

Comment: Same old, same old. Party on dudes!

Pre cross Laura