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Sarah Palin Says That Being Called “Close To Seditious” Is “A Compliment, That We Are Effective”

Reported by Ellen - April 28, 2010 -

In Part 2 of Sarah Palin’s interview on Hannity last night (4/27/10), Sean Hannity asked her about Joe Klein’s comment that she is “close to seditious.” Palin first insisted that the charge was unwarranted. Then, after she launched into a gratuitous attack on “liberal elites,” Palin, the multi-millionaire “everywoman” said she considered the accusation a compliment and a testament to conservatives’ effectiveness. She finished up by waxing sentimental about how “we’re all one America… one big family.” Or we would be if it weren’t for President Obama being so Un-American and divisive. With video.

Palin, who is nothing if not vicious and inflammatory, was painted as a victim of the meanie left. Hannity said, “You have been attacked for the clothes you wear, your family has been attacked, your intelligence has been questioned, your governance has been questioned, your motivations have been questioned,” Hannity began as Palin beamed. “Seditious? That is a serious charge,” he said. He also referred to other criticisms of her such as comments by Rep. Alan Grayson who said she was “trying to make fascism fashionable.”

“These attacks are crossing a line now, in my mind,” Hannity said. Of course, there’s only a line to be crossed when it’s a Republican on the receiving end. There seems to be no smear too awful to level at a Democrat, at least not on the show.

“What a piece of work that Mr. Klein is,” Palin said, making a show of shrugging it off. But we know she’s thin-skinned – when it’s her own widdle feelings on the line.

Palin took a predictable swipe at the media – the one she’s always hiding from. “You would hope that the powers that be at a quote unquote, reputable organization like Time Magazine, that they would hold their employee… accountable and they would actually ask him, what is it that I or others in the conservative movement have said that would um, rise to the, the level of this inciting of violence and revolt and all these other things that evidently he claims.”

Actually, Klein made that statement on The Chris Matthews Show. He never elaborated on which specific statements by Palin he found “close to seditious” but he probably had statements like these in mind: Palin’s Tweet telling her readers to “RELOAD” against Democrats, and her Facebook page with targets on presumably vulnerable Democratic districts. Or her statements, “America is ready for another revolution!” or "We need a foreign policy that distinguishes America’s friends from her enemies” or that the Obama administration will "bestow (Constitutional rights) on a terrorist who hates our Constitution.” And so on.

Then, after having complained Klein's remark was unjustified, Palin said she took it as a compliment.

First, multi-millionaire, private jet-setting Palin, speaking from her in-home television studio, took a swipe at “liberal elites” as though she thought she was still living a middle class lifestyle. Or maybe she just thought she could convince other people that she was. With obvious glee, Palin said, “We rattle them when we talk to these liberal elites about what it is that most Americans believe in, those time-tested truths that built America into the greatest country on earth and we want to get her back there… and when we talk about things that we can do to put us back on the right track, it drives them crazy. It makes their heads spin… We should look at it… as a compliment that we are effective.” Feeling complimented about being called "close to seditious?" Some might see that as - well, close to seditious.

As for her voicing what "most Americans" think, would that be the 30% who approve of her? Or is 70% of the country made up of "liberal elites?"

Then, after blasting the Obama administration for never having run a business (as if she has), she said that “free enterprise principles… it’s all foreign to them.”

Gee, Ms. Palin, could saying that the Obama administration is full of anti-American socialists be the kind of thing Klein had in mind? Just asking.

Then, in the most laughable irony of all, Palin attacked Obama for being divisive – while suggesting again that he’s Un-American. “I wish our president would stand so strong and proud under one Constitution, reminding America that we are all one America. We’re all in this together. And instead of dividing according to demographic or race or gender, let’s remember that we are all one America. We are all one big family… There’s nothing that America is facing today that we can’t fix as one America but it doesn’t help when our own president is trying to divide like this.”

Yes, we’re one nation, indivisible, except for the liberal elites and the Un-American Obama administration that Palin is always suggesting people rise up against while taking pride in being called "close to seditious."

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