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Fox News’ "Immigration Expert" Sarah Palin Says Obama Forced Arizona “To Take Over A National Security Issue Like Protecting Our Borders”

Reported by Ellen - April 28, 2010 -

Who but Fox News would be interested in Sarah Palin’s opinions on immigration? It’s not like she can see Arizona or Mexico from that home TV studio she got Fox News to build for her. But Palin was the top guest on Hannity last night (4/27/10) for the lead-off discussion about Arizona's new immigration bill – pushing Sen. John McCain, who surely does know something about immigration and Arizona, into the also-ran spot following her. Not surprisingly, Palin had little to say about the new law and spent most of her time attacking President Obama who, she claimed, “made” Arizona take over the job of protecting our borders. It was unclear whether she meant that Arizona’s hand had been forced because of federal inactivity on the issue or whether she thought Obama had issued some kind of edict to them. I would not be surprised if she didn’t know. With video.

In the only particular of the bill she addressed, Palin declared, “There is no ability or opportunity in there for the racial profiling.” I noticed she didn’t go into any details of what the bill actually did say. If she had, she might have noted that it requires police to question and detain those suspected of being undocumented. As Media Matters noted, Michael Yaki, attorney and member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, wrote on April 26:

What this law does, without question, is target individuals for special treatment by law enforcement simply because of their resemblance to other individuals who may be in the country illegally. It attempts to skirt the federal pre-emption argument by simplying putting more people into the potential federal holding pen and letting ICE sort it all out. But the law, by its very wording, cannot distinguish between an American, a green card holder, and an undocumented person without first subjecting that person to a wholly different level and standard of identification and presumption of guilt.

I have a feeling Yaki knows more about the law than Palin does. But not according to Fox News. Hannity took Palin's word for it and echoed the same thought several times throughout the show.

After her brief summation of the bill, Palin lectured the “lamestream media” for “turning this into something it is not.” Once again, she avoided talking about what it is.

When she was through chewing out the media, Palin started in on President Obama for “playing to his base on this one.”

“Immigration expert” Palin offered this incomprehensible “insight” into the federal failure to get a handle on immigration. “This isn’t fair to the legal immigrants. It’s not fair to illegal immigrants, either, who do want to, many of them want to come over here and find that pathway to citizenship. They, wanting to seek the right way to get over here. This is, is allowing them, though, a disopportunity. They’re going to have to hide while they’re here. They’re not going to be able to seize the opportunities that they sought coming over here. So it’s a lose-lose proposal all around for President Obama and his administration to ignore their responsibility and not enforce the laws that are existing.” She must have forgotten all the years that the border problems existed under President Bush and how his immigration reform bill was blocked by the right wing in 2007. Not that Hannity, who was one of those opposed, reminded her.

Apparently, Palin thought she was flexing some real wonkish mojo. She moved on to chide Obama for “not understanding the Tenth Amendment to our Constitution.”

After giving her “explanation” about her issues with the Tenth Amendment, she accused Obama of “making a state take over a national security issue like protecting our borders. He has no concept, it seems, of that Tenth Amendment.”

The one thing Palin did know was how to be inflammatory and, yes, close to seditious. “Again, bottom line, it’s because the Obama administration will not fulfill the responsibility that the federal government has and the states have had to then pick up and tell them what their responsibilities are,” she reiterated.

I suspect it’s Palin who has no concept of the whole issue. I challenge her to give me three specifics of the current federal laws and the current Arizona law. I’d be surprised if she could come up with just one – even with notes written on her hand.

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