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Bill O’Reilly & Dennis Miller - Fun With Homophobia

Reported by Priscilla - April 28, 2010 -

We know that Bill O’Reilly, a muy macho ultra heterosexual, has a problem with teh gay. He has already warned us that clustered gays at ballparks pose a danger to our youth. He has already warned us about the dangers of lesbian gangs. And he has warned us about the danger of having openly gay soldiers serving in the US military because, according to Bill (who is not a veteran), “it’s about being uncomfortable in the barracks.” Thus, Bill doesn’t “want gays to be coming out.” Bill revisited his homophobia in last week’s “Miller Time” segment with Dennis Miller who also never served in the US Military and whose commentary shows that he and Bill are homophobic soul brothers whose support for the troops is relegated to those sufficiently heterosexual and those willing to live in a government imposed closet.

Retired and active members of the military and their supporters are upset because President Obama promised that the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy would be a top priority. As the process is going very slowly, gay advocates are frustrated with Obama. O’Reilly reported on Obama having been heckled about this while speaking at a Barbara Boxer fundraiser in California. Miller said that his reaction showed his “dismissiveness” when he doesn’t agree with the speaker. He noted that Obama is being hit by both sides. O’Reilly stated that “the military is saying…that it’s going to cause a lot of moral problems. Whether you like it or not, people don’t want openly gay soldiers or marines in the barracks and it’s gonna cause problems. How do you implement it?” Miller said “if you think you’re gonna get those people screaming ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ in the back of the room to consult with the military about morale issues the only time they see a guy dressed up in a uniform is when they’re gonna see the Village People.” Bill laughed as Miller was talking and said “I knew the Village People were gonna come up as well they should” while Miller chortled.

Comment: Once again Bill O’Reilly is, at best, generalizing and at worst, lying. Not everyone in the military is saying that “it’s gonna cause a lot of moral problems.” Jason Jonas, a wounded warrior, says that the presence of gays, in his unit did not affect morale and that "I don't think it is anybody's right to say who can and who can't fight for their country…” According to the "Washington Post," “For many younger members of the military - those doing the bulk of the fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq - it's hardly a debate at all. Polls show they care little about sexual orientation in their ranks.” And whom, in the military, is Bill referring to when he claims that the repeal of DADT is going to cause “moral problems.” In February, Admiral Mike Mullen (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs) called for its repeal. Defense Secretary, Robert Gates said the question regarding DADT isn’t its repeal but how to prepare for it. Retired General Colin Powell supports the repeal of the ban. And whom is Bill referring to when he claims that “people don’t want openly gay soldiers or marines in the barracks…” (that barracks thing, again!) because “polls now show that a majority of Americans support openly gay service.” Are these real “people” or is it just more of Bill projecting his own homophobia? And regarding military polling data: “Thirty percent of respondents currently on active duty support open service by gays and lesbians, while 51 percent oppose, compared to in 2003 when 24 percent supported open service and 63 percent opposed. What’s more, nearly 60 percent of active duty respondents said that they think gay men and lesbians are already serving in their units.” Bill is a smart guy. Doesn't he know that "morale" isn't a problem for all the countries which allow gays to serve openly in the military!?

Once again, Dennis Miller is opining on something about which he “doesn’t know jack.” The hecklers at the fund raiser were from “Get Equal” a group which advocates for the repeal of DADT – a group that includes the six members of the military who were arrested, last week, for chaining themselves to the White House fence in order to protest DADT. So Miller’s quip, that the only military that DADT protesters are familiar with is “The Village People,” is, in its use of stereotypes, highly offensive as well as misinformed because there are many current and retired gay members of the military who support the overturning of this ban. Miller doesn’t seem to understand that gay soldiers, sailors, and airmen/women are fighting for his right to engage in homophobic “humor.” All that they are asking for is the right to do their job without being fired because of who they are – the same right currently enjoyed by heterosexual members of the military.

The only time that Fox News viewers see a washed up “comic” dressed up as a political pundit is when they see “Miller Time.”