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No Repercussions For Hannity Staff Over Tea Party Show Fiasco

Reported by Ellen - April 27, 2010 -

Despite reports that Fox News suits were furious that seats to the Hannity show were being sold to raise money for the Cincinnati Tea Party, Mediaite reports that no action has been taken against Hannity or his producer. I'm shocked, shocked I tell you.

As Mediaiate reported,

Roger Ailes was said to be personally furious about the perception FNC was endorsing the tea party that Hannity was attending, and one report pointed to former Hannity producer and current SVP at Fox News Bill Shine as protecting his buddy Hannity. But we hear John Finley, Hannity’s current Executive Producer, is also under Shine’s shield, which could be why no punishment has been handed down for the screw-up. (Staffers called Finley Shine’s “toady” – a phrase used to describe Shine and Hannity’s relationship by Debbie Schlussel.)

It was only a few months ago when FNC management, annoyed by mistakes, instituted a zero tolerance policy. This came about because of something else that happened during Hannity’s hour – playing incorrect crowd footage that made it look like a conservative rally was larger than it actually was. This came two months after a producer was punished for pumping up a 9/12 rally crowd.

My take: If you're a Fox News star, you can pretty much do or say whatever you like, even make stuff up, with impunity.