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Megyn Kelly Overlooks Her Guests’ Responses To Keep Pushing Her “Obama Played The Race Card” Agenda

Reported by Ellen - April 27, 2010 -

As was repeatedly noted yesterday, Fox News keeps “asking” whether President Obama played the race card in his internet video in which he appealed to minority, women and youth voters to get involved in the 2010 midterm election. Megyn Kelly took her turn “asking” yesterday. And she got an unequivocal answer of “No” from her Republican guest. Apparently, Kelly was unsatisfied. She asked the same question from Fox News’ Brit Hume on today’s show and, when he failed to wholeheartedly endorse the “playing-the-race-card” position, Kelly prodded him a bit harder to do so. With video.

Kelly began with Hume by saying, “The criticism by some on the right,of that message, is it’s rather exclusionary. (Obama) speaks specifically to certain groups – African Americans and those who put him in office – but he doesn’t speak to, specifically, other voters, like white voters, seniors and… men.”

Echoing what Republican Brad Blakeman had told Kelly the day before, Hume said, “It’s sort of basic politics that when you’re trying to win an election, the first thing you do is you rally your base. He correctly identified the core of his base in that statement.”

However, Hume did go on to take a swipe at Obama. “It also is a somewhat different message than we heard from, who promised to be a unifying political figure, to be post racial, to be post partisan, to practice the kind of politics of unity.” Then, in what I suppose was a nod to balance, Hume added, “Of course, elections are really not about unity.”

Then Hume took another, albeit un-racial swipe at Obama, saying that if things were going “swimmingly,” and “his party weren’t in great political trouble… he wouldn’t have to put out a message like this.”

But that was not a satisfactory answer to Kelly. She pushed the “race card” angle a little harder. Feigning a "just bringing up the other side" attitude (as opposed to listening to the answers her guests kept giving her), Kelly "asked," “But is he getting a pass on this by some, do you think, Brit, because what folks on the opposite side are saying is, can you imagine if President Bush, in trying to rally support for Republicans… went out there and said, ‘What we really need is to get the white voters to the polls’ (she laughed at the thought) what the reaction would be?”

Of course, Bush did say, at an $800-a-plate dinner, "This is an impressive crowd - the haves and the have-mores… Some people call you the elites; I call you my base." How's THAT for not being inclusive?

Hume agreed that “there’d be hell to pay” if any Republican made a comparable statement. “There’s no doubt about it that there’s a bit of a double standard, particularly on this issue of racial politics. If you’re in one of the traditional minorites associated with the Democratic party, you can get a pass and he gets a pass on this and that’s been true for a long time.”

That must have satisfied Kelly's racial appetite. She moved on to question whether Obama’s help is "wanted at all” in the midterm campaigns.

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