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Megyn Kelly Defends Peaceful Tea Party Protesters Against Pro Immigrant Media

Reported by Priscilla - April 27, 2010 -

What’s today’s big theme on Fox “News?” Is it Franklin Graham getting dissed by godless libruls? Nah, that’s just so last week? Is it President Obama playing the “race card?” Nah, that is so yesterday. Today’s lesson for Fox “News” fans is that the mainstream media has been exposed in a double standard which shows how they hate nice, mostly white teabaggers and love those “rowdy” brown people. And in supporting these “violent” law breakers at the protest (at least according to the Fox cameras) the mainstream media is supporting those illegal immigrants that we all hate so much. Get it? Are we surprised that ace newsie, Megyn Kelly would be picking up the baton from this morning's Fox & Friends & Brent Bozell? Theme parties are just oh so popular on Fox “News.”

Megyn Kelly wasted no time in presenting the message which was put in motion by Brent Bozell on Fox & Friends. Her split screen video showed angry brown people at a seemingly chaotic protest rally in Arizona and peaceful white folks at a Tea Party rally “ahead of the health care reform vote.” Course she didn’t show the teabaggers who were taunting Barney Frank and African American members of congress with racial and homophobic epithets. In case you didn’t notice, she told you that the teabaggers were peacefully holding signs while the Arizona protesters were (her voice going higher) “throwing bottles at police?” (Be scared of those “rowdy” brown folks). In case you didn’t know it, “several protesters were arrested?” while in Washington, “there were accusations of nasty comments outside the capitol but not a single arrest.” She added that according to the mainstream media, the Arizona protests were “mostly peaceful?” while DC was considered “very ugly.” She introduced her guests, Mike Levine and Mike Gallagher, and reiterated that according to the MSM the Tea Party folks were bad and the immigration protesters were “mostly peaceful.”

Not surprisingly, Mike Gallagher supported the meme of bad immigration protesters and alluded to the “mythical act” of spitting which supports the liberal view that immigration protesters are good and tea party protesters are bad. As tape of a contentious exchange between immigration protesters and police was shown, Megyn asked what the reaction would be of this were tape of Tea Party protesters. “Can you imagine what the mainstream media coverage would be like?” (Hey Megyn, what would be the reaction of Fox News if minorities had their own tea party movement – complete with guns being brought to protests?) As Michael Levine said that most protests were “mostly peaceful,” Gallagher (who supports profiling of Muslims at airports) laughed. As Levine said that Fox’s selected coverage was for maximum effect, Kelly said “they’re in the middle of a riot.” She wanted to know if it was Fox News that forced one of the protesters to throw a bottle. Gallagher could hardly control his hysterical laughter. Levine said it wasn’t Fox News that cause the N word to be shouted at the Washington Tea Party protest. He said that the media, including Fox, focuses on the “whack-o’s” in the protests. Kelly showed the controversial (or so says Brent Bozell) ABC video which showed footage of rioters while commenting that most protesters were peaceful – which any good Fox conservative knows is bogus if it’s a comment about protesting minorities. She showed the ABC video of the “ugly’ (and it was) DC protest which produced the "alleged" racial and homophobic slurs – which any good conservative knows are just terms of endearment. Kelly said “that’s what we’re talking about.” Gallagher, who obviously doesn’t believe African American members of Congress, referenced Andrew Breitbart’s reward if there is proof that the racial epithets were used. When Levine accused Gallagher of calling Civil Rights hero, John Lewis, of being a liar, Gallagher told him to shut up.

Kelly said that there is video of “animated” protesters in Washington; but “are the media trying to find a narrative here?” Gallagher said that no arrests have been made at Tea Parties and no riot police have been called. He accused Levine of “playing to a crowd that wants to demonize the Tea Party and make heroes out of the pro illegal immigration criminals.” Levine said that the media should cover the protest accurately and added that Fox News “practically created the Tea Party and didn’t report on immigration and gay rights rallies.”

Comment: The Fox "News" narrative here is clear. The meme of the mainstream media not engaging in a double standard in their coverage of Tea Party and immigrant protest is a convenient medium for the real message of bigotry which is being reinforced throughout the day. Tea Party (mostly white conservatives) = good. Immigration bill protesters (mostly Hispanic) = very, very bad. Meanwhile who cares about ethnic profiling?!

Ain’t no party like a Fox theme party.