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Megyn Kelly & David Horowitz Attack Bill Ayers But Defend His Right To Free Speech

Reported by Priscilla - April 27, 2010 -

For Fox News, Bill Ayers is a Pavlovian winner as any mention of Ayers is sure to get its righteous right wing audience salivating with righteous right wing rage against a former radical turned college professor. Because the University of Wyoming rescinded its invitation for Bill Ayers to speak at its Center for Social Justice, due to threats of violence against Ayers, students, and faculty, Ayers is suing the university. So it’s no surprise that Megyn Kelly would discuss this on her “news” show. What is amusingly ironic or ironically amusing is that her guest was “red diaper baby” and former left wing radical and Black Panther pal turned ultra neo conservative, David Horowitz who, while defending Bill Ayers right to free speech, articulated the requisite right wing smears against him. Obviously there are plenty of First Amendment experts whom Kelly could have interviewed so was her choice of Horowitz just coincidence?

Yesterday, Kelly breathlessly introduced the segment by describing the radical past of Bill Ayers with no reference to his academic position and contributions to the field of education. In referencing the revocation of the invitation she raised her voice and said that “Ayers is suing the university.” She asked if “students should be put at risk to accommodate a man who was admittedly once a domestic terrorist.” (Actually, it was the FBI that described the Weather Underground with the term “domestic terrorist.” Ayers denied that it was because its war was against property). She introduced Horowitz as “a fan of the First Amendment” – a descriptor that doesn’t seem to fit a man whose attempts to silence academic free speech on campus, with his “Academic Freedom Bill of Rights,” have been described as reminiscent of Joe McCarthy. Horowitz wasted no time in describing Ayers as “reprehensible” He accused the Weather Underground of attempting to start a race war. (The white, racist Fox Nation krewe accuse Obama of this all the time!) He continued his rant against “communist” Ayers and accused him of being “an intimate comrade” of Barack Obama who “most likely ghosted” Obama’s autobiography and added that Ayers was going to engage in “hateful speech.” (like Franklin Graham?) Kelly did point out that Obama denies that he is Ayers BFF.

Kelly then asked why Ayers “has the right to do it on the campus of the university.” She “took it to the extreme” by asking if Osama Bin Laden had been invited on campus and the campus received threats, “would they be required to let him come and speak.” Horowitz said that in the good old days, a university would say that somebody like Ayers was inappropriate to have as a speaker; but that kind of thinking can’t be reinstituted without violating the First Amendment. Kelly stated that Ayers is “playing the victim” because the legal complaint states that Ayers “continues to be falsely labeled with everything from a radical, terrorist, communist, Nazi and is largely demonized by members of the Republican Party since the 2008 election and the tea party movement.” (Oh Snap, this perfectly describes the content of Kelly’s interview as well as any coverage given to Ayers by the GOP mouthpiece Fox News!) She said that Ayers claims that it is these accusations that are keeping him off the campus while the university says it’s about safety. Horowitz’s last word was that “perhaps it’s about safety; but Bill Ayers is a liar.” He then cited an article in the “radical” “The Nation” magazine which he claimed also said Ayers was a liar and which proves that the Ayers criticism isn’t only from the right. (Actually, the article by Katha Pollitt discuss how Ayers “whitewashes” and romanticizes his past). Horowitz did, however, assert that universities have a responsibility to protect speakers.

Comment: I wonder if Megyn would take the side of a university that revoked an invitation to somebody from the Bush administration. Somehow, I suspect her take would be different. But her take on this was clearly more than supporting the school. It was a hit piece on Ayers in the guise of a discussion about free speech. There’s one more thing that represents the naked elephant in the room and which neither Kelly nor Horowitz seemed to consider and that is the source of the threats of violence. According to the UW President, “the types of threats the school received were unlike any he'd seen in his 30 years at UW.” I don’t think these threats were coming from radical jihadists – but rather right wing nuts fuelled by the anger which is all the rage in right wing circles and which has prompted death threats to various Democratic members of Congress. When liberal students have, in the past, protested against right wing speakers, I don’t believe there were threats of violence – so I really don’t want to hear Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity or any other member of the hate media krewe complaining about violence on the left. But no, the issue of the threats disappeared in the hate speech about Bill Ayers. Another day, another piece of Fox “News” propaganda.

And another bit of irony - While Fox pundits and their guests want folks to forgive and forget what Franklin Graham continues to say, there is no Fox redemption for Bill Ayers, who is no longer (like Horowitz) a radical and who is a contributing member of society. Funny, that...