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Doocy & Kilmeade & Brent Bozell Claim Media Double Standard In Immigration Protest Coverage

Reported by Priscilla - April 27, 2010 -

Fox News and Brent Bozell of the right wing Media Research Center do seem to be in bed together – albeit in a strictly Christian, chaste, and very heterosexual way. Not only does Fox Nation source from Bozell’s love children over at News Busters; but Bozell himself is frequently featured on various Fox News programs. Bozell is a Fox fave because he’s protecting the American way of life by rooting out “liberal bias” in every corner of the media (which, unlike Fox, doesn’t bill itself as “fair and balanced”). Fox Entertainment's “The Family Guy” is one of Bozell’s favorite targets in his ongoing jihad against unholy and impure librul media. So it’s not surpising that Bozell is teaming up with Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade in a right wing media ménage a trois - albeit in a strictly Christian, chaste, and very heterosexual way, in order to bash the librul media which, while providing biased tea party coverage, isn’t providing enough coverage of “rowdy” brown people protesting a seemingly Draconian immigration law. But teabaggers need not worry. They have friends at Fox – the “rowdy” brown people, not so much!

Bozell, Doocy, and Kilmeade have a lot in common other than being white, very ideological, partisan, right wing, uber conservative Catholic men. The also share a disdain for media other than Fox. As such, they are always willing to point out (ROFLMAO) how this librul media isn’t “fair and balanced.” This morning, former weather guy Doocy and boy wonder Brian Kilmeade took on a new meme; i.e. that “immigration outrage” is being “ignored” by the media. This meme was introduced, over at News Busters, by Scott Whitlock whose article, last year, about Meredith Vieira lobbying softball questions at Al Franken was sourced by Fox Nation. Flash forward to April 2010 when Scotty wrote a thread about how ABC’s description of peaceful immigration protests contrasted with their description of “very ugly tea parties.” Never mind the fact that the “ugly” tea party was the one where African American members of Congress were taunted and where Barney Frank was called a “fag” – it’s librul bias!!! But according to Scotty and now Brent and his dos Fox amigos, the press is ignoring some bottle throwing on the part of those protesting the Arizona immigration bill.

As Doocy described how there have been unruly incidents and “even some arrests” in Arizona the chyron read: “Media Double Standard, Violent AZ Protesters Mostly Ignored.” He continued that this went “completely unnoticed” by the evil mainstream media. Fellow MENSA member Kilmeade wanted to know if there was a double standard between the immigration protest and tea party coverage. Kilmeade said that teabaggers are well behaved with no tea party arrests having been made as far as they knew. (Memo to Brain - some of Randall Terry's anti-choice pals were arrested at a Washington DC anti health care reform protest) Doocy said that earlier they had quoted from (wait for it) Scott Whitlock’s NewsBusters article about nasty, bad ABC. Doocy didn’t note that the “ugly” description was connected to the last Washington DC gathering of angry teabaggers - and if that wasn’t ugly, I don’t know what is. As Bozell spoke about the “real violence” being ignored the chyron read “Phoenix Protesters Get Rowdy, Riot Police Called In To Subdue Ruckus.” Doocy said “sheyeah” when Bozell said that ABC described the protest as “largely peaceful.” Brian excitedly said that “we even saw bottle throwing.” The chyron – “Not So Peaceful, Phoenix Protester Attacks Journalist.” (Course we don’t know which media outlet this “journalist” was from). Bozell blithered about CNN and the NY Times describing it as “largely peaceful.” The chyron – “You Might Not Have Heard, Brief Riot In Phoenix Area Ignored By Media.” It was followed by the “rowdy” chyron. Bozell claimed that the arrest of a teabagger would be big news. Doocy said it would on the front page of “every major newspaper in America.” Bozell then claimed that there was no coverage of last weekend’s anarchist demonstration in Washington DC. Either Brent’s research is quite faulty or he’s lying as the Washington Post reported the arrests at the IMF protests so Brent is wrong that there was “no coverage.” The last part of the discussion was about how a “Slate” podcaster has advocated violent attacks against Wall Street. Bozell did a little bearing of “false witness” when he said that “the left lies with impunity” and “rely on the politics of character assassination.”

Comment: Yes folks, Brent Bozell said this on Fox “opinion” News which lies with impunity and relies on the politics of character assassination. The double standard here is amazing. After the passage of the health care bill, Democratic members of Congress had their property vandalized and received vile messages on their phones – some of which were death threats. There have been at least two arrests of those involved in making death threats to Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Senator Patty Murray. Last year a tea party dude was arrested for twittering death threats. Congressman Bart Stupak was called a “baby killer” on the floor of the House as well as in a number of disgusting messages left on his answering machine. Mike Vanderboegh, tea party leader and former militiaman urged right wing protesters to “smash windows” of Democratic legislators. So the Fox & Friends assertion that right wing protesters are all sweetness and light is not underscored by reality. They might be well behaved at rallies; but their rhetoric is a different story. One of the arguments of the xenophobic right wing is that Hispanic immigrants bring with them a culture of violence and it’s obvious that Bozell is irked that the mainstream media is not promoting this meme. But not to worry. This segment of Fox & Friends not only bashed the media – but reinforced the bigotry of its audience, by painting the protesters as violent, in a two-fer piece of xenophobic “opinion.” Meanwhile the real issue of the reasons behind the protest got lost in the fog of right wing talking points. As propaganda it was quite effective.