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Fox & Friends' Doocy and Carlson See No Problem With Arizona Immigration Law?

Reported by Priscilla - April 26, 2010 -

The President of the United States and numerous politicians, attorneys, civil rights advocates, and Hispanic groups are concerned about racial profiling and other ramifications of the the new and arguably draconian Arizona immigration law. Even “Weekend Update” on Saturday Night Live gets it. So are we surprised that the gang at Fox & Friends is wasting no time in showing their support? This morning they interviewed two supporters of the bill, one of whom, Fox fave, Sheriff Joe Arpaio is currently under grand jury investigation for possible abuse of power as well as an ongoing investigation by the Justice Department regarding racial profiling. The concerns articulated by those in the non nativist community (including conservative Republican Joe Scarborough and former Republican White House lawyer, Ron Christie) don’t seem to be on the radar for the morning chums who, as white Americans (although Kilmeade is a little darker), will never be asked to prove their citizenship. I wonder if they’ll interview Fox’s Mike Huckabee who also opposes this law!

Former weather guy Steve Doocy quipped that the “toughest immigration law in the country” has been passed and “President Obama, not happy about it.” He played Obama’s remarks about how the Arizona legislation “threatens basic notions of fairness.” Doocy, sporting a pretty pink tie to match Gretch’s pretty in pink frock, said “really?” and asked if the President “has a point.” Former Miss America was flush with excitement when she leaned into the camera and said that “Sheriff Joe Arapaio doesn’t." Grinning from ear to ear and bouncing with excitement, she welcomed Arpaio. She said, to Joe, that he is in favor of the bill because he has “been fighting this fight alone.” She made no mention of the investigation. Joe said that he doesn’t understand why the President “is sticking his nose” into this. He added that Obama sent investigators from the Civil Rights Unit, who “are roaming the streets” to find out if racial profiling is happening, “after me.” According to Joe, nothing has turned up and that proves that he has a “pretty good record” enforcing the law. Non legal analyst Steve Doocy scrunched up his face and did his best “I’m confused” look when he asked why Obama is a problem with the law if it “mirrors” federal law and as such “he should have a problem with the federal law.” Doocy did his best, smug “boy did a catch him on that” grin and nodded vigorously when Arpaio agreed. Gretch said that “a lot of people are saying that the law is on the books; but nobody is enforcing it.” She showed a “highly interesting” Rasmussen poll that showed 70% of people (on April 15th) supported the law. Another pre programmed question with “is that what you’re hearing sheriff?” to which the answer was in the affirmative. Steve said that the governor will be providing training on “reasonable suspicion” and glibly said “don’t your people already know that.” Again the sheriff answered in the affirmative.

Comment: This morning, on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” they interviewed Jose Diaz Ballart from Telemundo who discussed the ramifications of a law which does suggest that all Hispanics need to carry their official “papers” at all times. He noted that if a citizen is unknowingly transporting an undocumented alien and if he/she gets stopped by police, their vehicle is impounded. Others interviewed since Friday have noted that Arizona will spend a lot of money defending civil rights law suits incurred as a result of those with a wide view of “reasonable suspicion” – which is the reason for the investigation of Arpaio who is also being sued by the ACLU for arresting a 66 year old diabetic who was stopped by Maricopa County police, held for three hours without food, water, and bathroom access, and subsequently released with no reason ever having been given for the detention other than this man, a legal permanent resident, is Hispanic. But this kind of thing isn’t a problem for Fox & Friends who, as “real Americans,” don’t give a rat’s posterior about the civil rights of those who don’t look like them. As the old saying goes, “if you’re white, you’re all right” – especially for the gang at Fox & Friends who are on the side of those who are fighting to keep those brown people from undermining the America represented by Fox & Friends.

SNL's report, during Weekend Update, here