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Fox Newsies Martha MacCallum and Shannon Bream Spin For Franklin Graham

Reported by Priscilla - April 25, 2010 -

While the “opinion” side of Fox News was singing in the Franklin Graham choir, the pro Franklin sentiment leaked over to the “News” side – the part that’s supposed to be “fair and balanced.” Fox News, in it’s attempts to claim that Graham was only talking about “Islamic jihadists” when he said that “Islam is an evil religion,” is making smooth the way of Graham’s redemption and all the people say – uh – what?!

Last week, Martha MacCallum, a co-host of “America’s Newsroom,” which is during the official “news” part of the Fox News format, hosted right wing talk radio show host Michael Graham (no relation to Franklin as pointed out by a giggling Martha). Mike is quite a character. Put it this way, if you want anti-Islamic bigotry look no further than Oral Roberts University grad, Michael Graham. He was fired from one of his radio gigs because of his anti Islamic rhetoric. Not surprisingly, Graham said that rather than worry about the feelings of Muslims, the Pentagon should be worried about Nidal Hassan. MacCallum responded “that was a pretty good point.” He touted Franklin Graham’s hospital in the Sudan which wasn’t “bombed by Methodists or Mormons hint, hint.” (Yeah, Mike, and Dr. Tiller wasn’t shot by a Muslim, hint, hint). After MacCallum brought up the point, made by Mickey Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, that having Graham speak would be analogous to having a speaker who “denigrates Christianity,” Michael commented that “anytime you see a group that whose name of the group includes religious freedom inevitably it’s freedom from religion. These are people uncomfortable with any displays of religion so I would say it’s part of a larger agenda.” News person MacCallum said “yeah” He then claimed that Franklin Graham would preach the “commonality” of religion. MacCallum said right. Nice propaganda here. Rather than address Graham’s belief that Islam is an evil religion and its ramifications vis-à-vis Graham’s appearance at a Pentagon event honoring the unconstitutional Day of Prayer, the segment turned into a nice PR piece for Franklin Graham. “News” anchor MacCallum didn’t even provide, as did Fox & Friends, the army’s official comment about the inappropriateness of Graham’s (at the time) upcoming appearance. She also allowed Graham to attack the Military Religious Freedom Foundation with a wholly unsubstantiated accusation of a “greater agenda.” (At no point, in any of this Fox coverage of the Graham affair, has the function of the MRFF been explained.)

Doing some spinning for Graham, on “America Live” (a Fox “News” show), was the totally non partisan (just kidding) Rick Santorum – a former GOP senator who once said that gay sex was like “man on dog” and who took his wife’s miscarried fetus home for the other children to bond with. Shannon Bream set the stage. She stated that after 9-11 people were saying that “Islamic fundamentalists” were trying to destroy the US; but that some of what was said then, wouldn’t be said now. She wanted to know if folks could “forgive and forget.” Santorum said that Graham’s statement was made in the “heat” of 9-11 and that his statement was “a reasonable statement at the time.” (Excuse me, Islam as an “evil religion” was “reasonable.” So when Christians kill abortion doctors or blow up clinics, it’s “reasonable” to say that Christianity is “evil?”) Santorum then said that Graham “cares about humanity” and “preaching the word of God” (Yeah, the Christian God) which is the peace and forgiveness that the Army should practice. (Rick is not a veteran) Bream spun for Graham. She asked if the army is caught “between a rock and hard place” when “somebody” complains and “no matter how the army or some of the officials within the army may feel about Franklin Graham, as a very positive influence to be a part of this event, did they really have a choice once this thing went public?” Santorum talked about the “quality” of Graham and “what he’s done for this country” and repeated that the comments (which Graham hasn’t backed off from), made “in the heat of the attack,” are “forgivable.” Santorum repeated the new meme that Graham was just talking about those who attacked us and the army (Santorum is not a veteran) is just trying to be politically correct. Like hate radio jock, Michael Graham (who doesn’t appear to be a veteran) he referenced how the army didn’t want to confront Major Hasan Nidal and repeated that the army wants to be politically correct.

Comment: Christian evangelist gets dissed because of offensive remarks (which he still stands by) and Fox News goes all spin cycle with a far right wing Christian, anti-Islamic hate radio jock and a far right wing Christian former GOP senator. Fair and Balanced – ya think!