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Andrew Sullivan: The Republican Party IS Fox News

Reported by Ellen - April 25, 2010 -

The Chris Matthews show today followed up on Joe Klein's allegation from last week that Beck and Sarah Palin are "close to seditious." Klein was not part of the panel this week but Andrew Sullivan grabbed the reins and charged ahead. First, Sullivan said that being an entertainer, as Beck supposedly is, is no excuse for the kinds of inflammatory rhetoric he uses as his stock in trade. "Who in the Republican Party have actually pushed back against Beck or Limbaugh or these other nutcases?," Sullivan said. "There's no resistance... the Republican Party IS Fox News," With video.

Sullivan (a former Bush supporter) said, "I'm more with Joe (Klein) than I am with the Fox News Republican National Committee coalition machine... Look, dissent is great and important... but this essentially - accusing the president, a duly elected president, of being illegitimate and even treasonous with respect to what the United States is... I'm tired of this notion, I have to say, that someone like Beck and Limbaugh can be excused because they are entertainers. As if that is an excuse for saying, substantively, what they're saying, and for controlling the Republican Party. Look, who in the Republican party have actually pushed back against Beck or Limbaugh or these other nutcases? That's the truth, and because there's no resistance in the Republican party the Republican Party is Fox News. That's the head of the Republican party."

Sullivan makes some great points, some of which we've made, too.

But in addition to asking why Republicans have not pushed back against Beck, et al., I'd also like to know why Democrats have not done so in any significant way. Bloggers and pundits have but not a lot of politicians or party operatives, at least not that I've seen.

Video via Mediaite.

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