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Greta Van Susteren's Astoundingly Vapid Interview With Sarah Palin Over Hacked Email Testimony

Reported by Ellen - April 24, 2010 -

Even by Greta Van Susteren standards, On The Record's softball interview with Sarah Palin last night (4/23/10) about her testimony in the trial of the young man accused of hacking her email was jaw-droppingly vapid. Van Susteren offered few details of the actual legal case but focused, in an unfair, imbalanced, kind of a way, on Palin's part in it, almost exclusively. Considering that Palin, herself, played no real part, the only significant question (at least to me) was how many uninteresting pieces of inconsequential trivia Van Susteren thought her audience would want to know about Palin's experience on the stand. Yet, despite her seemingly insatiable appetite for the minutia, Van Susteren, like her Fox News colleagues before her, failed to ask Palin about what could have been a real bombshell: Did Palin blame the hacked emails for the 2008 election loss, as she suggested when she said they had a significant impact? With video.

Some of the inane questions Van Susteren asked were: "Did you feel nervous at all?"

A little that morning but "right away I felt at ease... very nice people all around... right away it was a comfortable thing to do." There was not "a whole lot of grilling" from the defense.

"Did you get a full courtroom?" Van Susteren asked. Yes, she did.

"Take me back to how you found out (about the hacking). Who told you and how were you told?"

Via the news, Palin said.

Did Palin feel violated? Yes.

Oddly, Palin gratuitously mentioned at least three times that she had told the truth, even though there was certainly no suggestion from Van Susteren that she had not. "We answered the subpoena, got on the stand, told the truth... It wasn't a traumatic or dramatic thing to just be up there, telling the truth... Just a matter of being up there and telling the truth."

She also said, about the defendant's legal counsel, "Perhaps at the very beginning, this could have all been resolved, had his attorneys advised him to just, you know, just fess up, tell the truth... take some... minimal punishment and then you can move on."

Then after uncovering every little detail of this case, Van Susteren got around to asking about her secondary topic, Palin's reaction to the controversial immigration bill signed into Arizona law that day.

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