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Fox News’ Shannon Bream Takes A Gratuitous Swipe At Arizona Immigration Bill Protesters

Reported by Ellen - April 24, 2010 -

Shannon Bream, substituting for Megyn Kelly on America Live yesterday (4/23/10), took a breather from reporting updates on Sarah Palin’s testimony in the hacked email case and offered a very brief report on students protesting in Phoenix against the then-pending immigration bill in Arizona. Bream did not take the time to report on why the protesters were against the bill, what they did when they left school or much of anything about their actions. But she did find the time to baselessly suggest that it was all a stunt to play hooky from school. With video.

The segment began with a Fox News Alert for “live pictures out of Phoenix, Arizona.” Bream continued, “We’re told that students are now walking out of school to protest” the then-pending legislation. The so-called “live pictures” seemed to have been taken from a helicopter and only showed a stream of students walking down a sidewalk, presumably away from school.

“It’s a very controversial bill,” Bream noted, then made this gratuitous dig: “It’s not lost on us, either, that these kids – you know, it’s a beautiful day there, it’s a Friday afternoon (she giggled condescendingly). They may be uh, very impassioned about what they’re doing uh, but we’ll keep an eye on it and we’ll see exactly what they have to say.”

Although I watched the entire show, I never saw Bream return to the subject to find out what the protesters had to say - unlike her endless rehashing of what Sarah Palin had to say on the stand aboout her hacked emails. Nor did she offer any basis to conclude that getting out of school was the students’ real goal.

But ABC15.com in Arizona did some real reporting. According to a school district spokesman, about 2,400 students walked out of school, despite warnings against doing so and despite the fact that the absences would not be excused. ABC reported, “Carrying protest signs, the students then started a four mile long march to the state Capitol.” ABC also noted, “Crowds began to gather in force on Thursday, including high school students who left school to protest at the capitol and along Phoenix streets.”

Maybe some used the situation as just an excuse to ditch school. But it looks like plenty were protesting in earnest.

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