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Glenn Beck: I’m Not Seditious – I Just Love My Country So Much I Have To Hate It

Reported by Ellen - April 23, 2010 -

Glenn Beck appeared on The O’Reilly Factor last night (4/22/10) to talk about Joe Klein’s recent accusation that a lot of what Beck says is “close to sedition.” Beck, always so thin-skinned when it’s his own widdle feelings on the line, was obviously still smarting from Klein's remark. With his sincere voice, he assured everyone that he loves this country just so much. He "proved it” by saying that he’s been spewing his apocalyptic fear mongering/hate mongering since before Obama became president. Then Beck proceeded to suggest that Obama and his followers are the real traitors. With video.

O’Reilly began by overstating Klein’s comment, saying that Klein had accused Beck of being actually seditious. O’Reilly played a clip of Klein’s appearance on The Chris Matthews Show last Sunday (4/18/10) along with a clip of John Heilemann, author of Game Change, who added Rush Limbaugh’s name to the “close to seditious” list. “A ridiculous assertion from some on the far left,” O’Reilly sneered.

So ridiculous, I suppose, there was no need to consider what Klein or Heilemann meant and what their grounds for saying it were (as if O’Reilly wouldn’t know). Instead, the “we report, you decide” network decided that Beck’s perspective plus O’Reilly’s fatherly support was all the reporting they needed to do once the brief clips were played. I guess the “fair and balanced” part kicked in when O’Reilly announced that Klein and Heilemann had been invited to come on the show but had not accepted the invitation.

“The left now, or the far left, now says you’re seditious, that you’re trying to undermine the United States government,” O’Reilly said to Beck – once again misinterpreting what Klein had said. And the idea that Klein and Heilemann are “far left?” Only if you think Beck is in the center.

“I saw that clip on Sunday and that was the most amazing thing I think I’ve ever read about me,” Beck said, in his hushed, melodramatically "humble" voice. “My wife came in and she said, ‘Are you OK?’ and I looked up at her and all I said was, ‘I love my country. I love my country.’” I'm surprised he didn't tear up.

“You’re not fomenting rebellion?” O’Reilly asked sarcastically.

“No,” Beck said softly, still with the humble, sincere persona. And then he started cranking up his hate machine. “I have been on record for a very long time… for about four years, saying ‘Trouble is coming and God help us all… We are not the people our Founders were… I love our country. I love the Constitution. I want it restored.”

“But you want to do it through debate, right, and persuasion… You don’t have pitchforks stored up,” O’Reilly prompted.

Right... debate and persuasion... the kind that warns of imminent doom, compares the Obama administration to gangsters and fear mongers that "if you stand up (against it)... you might get whacked."

Beck started in on his hate mongering. First, he suggested that the real traitors are in the current government. “Many” in power now, Beck alleged, are “the 1960’s radicals. And they do have a very fundamental-transformation-of-America plan. They need to have the typical American - the one who stands up and says, ‘Wait a minute! Our Founding Fathers were good. Hang on! Our Constitution is good!' They need those people to look like radicals.”

Beck continued, “See, what they learned when William Ayers was out bombing in the 1960’s and 70’s, what they learned when Malcolm X went and said, ‘We’re gonna take it!’ (Fox News just happened to have a clip of Malcolm X ready to put on the screen) Is they learned that Martin Luther King saying, ‘Peace is the answer,’ – Well, they learned it too late. So now they’re the man. Now they need to be able to say, ‘Look at these guys, they’re radicals!’”

Beck agreed with O’Reilly that “they” fear him because, as Beck saw it, “They know their reign is over. The media as we know it and have known it… It’s over.”

“Yeah, that’s for sure,” O’Reilly agreed, even though this was just one day after O’Reilly had admired how Jon Stewart – a major Beck critic – is so influential.

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