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Fox’s Peter Johnson Jr. Freaks Out About Franklin Graham Disinvite

Reported by Priscilla - April 23, 2010 -

Not surprisingly, the good Christians at Fox & Friends are not happy campers about the Pentagon withdrawing its “National Day of Prayer” invitation to evangelist Franklin Graham. The Christian right have their godly panties in a bunch over the recent court decision that the National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional. Thus, this rebuff of Franklin Graham, whose anti-Islamic rhetoric is considered inappropriate for a Pentagon venue, is all just, according to Fox & Friends, another attack on Chrstianity. This morning Fox’s morning Christian Crusade, otherwise known as Fox & Friends, was noteworthy because their legal analyst, Peter Johnson, in the words of Bart Simpson, “had a cow” over Franklin’s disinvite.

H/T Media Matters

Good Christian Steve Doocy reported that the invitation had been rescinded and then played a section of Graham’s sermon, on yesterday’s Fox & Friends, which feature Graham pointlessly blithering about how we are at war and “that’s what the National Day of Prayer is all about.” Former Miss America and good Christian Gretchen Carlson said that Peter Johnson had predicted that the invitation would be rescinded because of “one particular organization” which complained. Once again, she didn’t name the organization and what it’s purpose is which is to fight against Christian proselytizing in the military and defend non Christian soldiers who are harassed by proselytizing Christian officers. In an extension of the Christian Messianic dualism of the right wing (good vs. evil, us vs. them) so popular on Fox News, Gretch, wearing her best I-am-so-pissed look, curtly said “they won.” Pastor Johnson said that “vindictiveness has won over redemption, won over prayer.” He then said that Graham’s statements were made 9 years ago. (EXCUSE ME – they were made yesterday on your pathetic excuse for a morning program.) Johnson said that Franklin has made his point clear as “somebody who wants to proselytize the world.” (Yo, Pete, if Graham wants to pimp Christianity, it shouldn’t be in a religiously diverse setting like our publicly funded military). Doocy might as well have been saying “amen” with his uh-huh and that’s right comments. Johnson said that the military wants to do away with the “old regime of Graham and President Bush” (Christo-fascism?!) “and that we have an “America light now” (It’s called diversity, Pete) “where we are embarrassed by our sons.” He then lapsed into further incoherency about Graham’s son explaining this to his fellow soldiers and started shouting about how this raises the question of Franklin Graham being “an embarrassment to the world in spite of one, overstated, overblown statement.” (Yo, Pete, it’s a pattern) Pastor/lawyer Johnson brayed that Franklin probably regrets his comments that we should allow Graham to redeem himself. (Was that favor accorded to Jeremiah Wright?)

When Johnson asked Gretch, “what does that say?,” as if on cue, she repeated her favorite meme about a PC society where “one person complains.” (No, Gretch, we are a religiously diverse society which is why the Military Religious Freedom Foundation exists in order to protect soldiers from people, like you, who don’t recognize that not everybody is Jesus’ BFF). There was rich irony with Johnson’s pronouncement that “there can be no place in this country for divisiveness or for vast generalizations of any people or any religion.” (Divisiveness and generalizations are what Fox “News” is all about!) He continued to shout about “redemption, forgiveness, and the government should keep it’s hands off what ministers are saying to what group of people on National Prayer Day. It’s wrong.” Johnson’s voice was close to breaking as he said that. Another moment of rich irony came when Johnson said that nobody is "making excuses" for Graham's comments. That yesterday's and today's Fox & Friends coverage of this was all about excusing (redeeming?) Franklin Graham was lost on Johnson!

Comment: Here’s the thing Pete. What’s wrong is when a Christian evangelist makes hateful generalizations about a major world religion and expects to preach to a religiously diverse military funded by a religiously diverse country. (One wonders how Johnson would react if Jeremiah Wright had been invited to the Pentagon for “National Prayer Day!”) And Pete if you want to see “vast generalizations,” made in order to divide people, look no further than Fox “News.”