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Sean Hannity Eager To Allege Reverse Racism In NFL/Toby Gerhart Case

Reported by Ellen - April 22, 2010 -

Chalk up football player Toby Gerhart, who has suggested that reverse racism may hold him back in the 2010 NFL draft, as the latest excuse for Sean Hannity to leap to the defense of another person suffering from what Sean Hannity seems to see almost everywhere - prejudice against white people. With video.

Hannity doesn’t usually host discussions about sports. And his lack of interest in Gerhart as anything other than a poster child for white victims of racism was quickly evident. No sooner had Hannity asked for the thoughts of his two black guests, sportswriter Stephen A. Smith and football player turned sports commentator Spencer Tillman, than Hannity interrupted to say, before either could answer, “This is race related. This is – if this was white, black switch it around…”

As the three held a spirited debate on the subject, Hannity said, “I’m saying to you… if these were comments made by an African American, what would the reaction be?”

Well, I’m not sure what the reaction might be in the NFL, as I’m definitely not a football fan. But I do know what the reaction would be if it were made on Hannity because worse comments have been repeatedly made right there in that studio, in Hannity’s presence, without any negative affect whatsoever. Hannity’s pal, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson has said the following either on this show or on the preceding version, Hannity & Colmes:

“Most blacks, not all but most in Tennessee, especially in the Memphis, Tennessee area, are still living in the 50’s and 60’s. They are so racist that they don’t even realize that white Americans have moved on. And so whenever there’s a campaign like this, such as this, they always use racism in order to intimidate white America." (8/6/08)

"Most of the discrimination today is from black folks toward white Americans…" (1/2/07)

(Whites) are afraid of being called a racist. And anytime you are afraid, your enemy will overtake you… And I’m giving white folks permission to start speaking up. I’m a black American. I love my country. I love what’s right." (1/22/08)

And let’s not forget white supremacist Hal Turner, Hannity’s “Soulmate of Hate” who was repeatedly welcomed on Hannity’s radio show, even after saying that if it were not for white people, "black people would still be swinging on trees in Africa."

Despite such a passion for discrimination against whites, I have yet to see any concern over racism at Tea Party protests, in the birther movement or anywhere else on the right.

Video via Mediaite.

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