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Gretchen Carlson And Franklin Graham See “Assault On Christianity” In Prayer Day Court Decision

Reported by Priscilla - April 22, 2010 -

Franklin Graham is the beloved son of the beloved evangelist Billy Graham. But poor Franklin might not be able to give his National Day of Prayer sermon at the Pentagon because the evil secularists at the Military Religious Freedom Foundation are urging the Pentagon to cancel his speech because of past remarks that Graham has made about how Islam is “wicked” – comments which Christian right pastors and those who post on Fox Nation are in agreement with. So not surprisingly, Graham appeared this morning on the Fox News morning bible show otherwise known as Fox & Friends. Graham is being persecuted and Fox & Friends is there to provide sanctuary and a pulpit for Graham to proselytize from. His sermonette included a homily on that evil, librul judge who said that the National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional. It also included the requisite right wing attack on Islam. Can somebody give me an amen!

Update: Media Matters reports on how Fox is rallying around Graham with subsequent commentary, today, in defense of Graham. O'Reilly will be discussing it tonight. Media Matters also has a summary of the ongoing attacks on Islam by Fox Opinion News.

Former Miss America and good Christian Gretchen Carlson provided the back story. She asked if he still believed his comments, post 9-11, that “Islam is a very evil and wicked religion.” Graham started evangelizing with his comment that “he loves Muslim people and he wants Muslims everywhere to know what I know that God loves us and he sent his son Jesus Christ to this world to take our sins, he died for our sins and rose from the grave and Christ can come to their hearts and change them and they can have hope of eternal life salvation.” He added that he wants them to know that they don’t have to die in car bombs or in a holy war. (Of course, they could die as collateral damage in an American drone strike). Franklin doesn’t seem to realize that Muslims are satisfied with their religion and really resent Christian evangelicals trying to dissuade them; but that didn’t stop Graham from continuing to blither about “faith in Jesus Christ.” He said that he “loves the people of Islam” but he doesn’t agree with their religion and referenced what it does to women. (Scuse me Graham, but the Christian right, in seeking to deny women reproductive rights, isn’t exactly women friendly.) In another ludicrous and broad brush comment, feminist (?)Graham says that he “speaks out for women.” (What Graham doesn’t seem to realize is that many Islamic women, in westernized countries, do not feel that they subjugated) Franklin dug himself deeper into his anti-Islamic hole when he said that he speaks for all who live under Islam and are enslaved by it and that they can be “free through faith in Jesus.”

Carlson said that she understood that it was because of his “feeling” about Islam that a watchdog group opposed his speaking at the Pentagon. She read a comment from the Civilian Deputy of Army Media Relations who said that Graham’s presence, at the prayer event, is inappropriate. She added “now there’s that scuttle” about why Franklin shouldn’t be invited. He said that he was invited by the National Day of Prayer Chairman, that he has a son in Afghanistan, and that he prays every day for the military. “We need to pray for our military, our president” yadda, yadda, yadda. He asserted that the National Day of Prayer is about our “country coming together to pray for our leadership.” (Sorry, Franklin, that’s not what the judge said!) This was a perfect segue for Gretch to talk about the recent court ruling which the evangelicals are so pissed off about. Ready for Gretchen’s money comment – here ya go: “Do you think that this is, in any way, an assault on Christianity, against prayer. That not only does the judge say that the National Day of Prayer unconstitutional but they don’t want you speaking at this event.” As she asked the question her pretty little chin went up in righteous, Christian indignation. Not surprisingly Graham agreed and said that it’s “a slap on all Christians by an unjust judge.” (Hopefully she’s not getting death threats from good Christian Fox & Friends fans). He said that “when you look back on George Washington who asked the original colonies to prayer for the Continental Congress as they established our Constitution, prayer goes all the way back to George Washington” (the National Day of Prayer was started in the 50’s), “who is this judge to say that the Congress cannot have a proclamation having one day aside to pray for leadership, it’s crazy.” Gretch said “right.” She thanked him for “explaining your side” and Franklin said God bless.

Comment: I think that Franklin Graham’s appearance underscored why he should not be appearing at our tax supported Pentagon. He obviously still thinks that Islam is evil and that kind of hate should not be supported by our military which has had its fair share of problems with extreme right wing Christian proselytizing. The Military Religious Freedom Foundation (loathed by right wing Christians) accurately states that not only are there Muslim soldiers, but Muslim military employees. Thus Graham’s appearance could be said, as noted by the person Carlson quoted, to be “inappropriate” – which makes sense given his offensive “theology.” As Mikey Weinstein, President of MRFF said, having Graham speak would be comparable to having a speaker who denigrates Christianity or other religious groups. But Franklin will always have a home on America’s premiere Christian morning show where he and Gretch can kvetch about how there is an “assault on Christianity.” Yeah, as if.