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Jon Stewart Fires Back At Bernard Goldberg Firing Back And Explains Why Fox News Is The "Lupus Of News"

Reported by Ellen - April 21, 2010 -

Not surprisingly, The Daily Show fired back at Bernard Goldberg's "firing back" at Jon Stewart telling Fox News to "F*** themselves." As I could have predicted, Stewart demolished Goldberg and then, for good measure, he told Fox to go **** themselves again. This time with a choir. Seriously. With video.

The whole segment is terrific but there are some lines I need to highlight:

It takes a tough man to walk into O'Reilly's lion's den and criticize liberal elites.

Comedians do social commentary through comedy... I have not moved out of the comedian's box into the news box. The news box is moving towards me.

I know I criticize you and Fox News a lot but that's only because you're a terrible, cynical and disingenuous news organization.

As long as fair and balanced is how you sell yourselves... "**** yourselves."

And my personal favorite: I don't hate you. I mean you're not Dick Morris.

My "Fox Fan Scoop" email today promises "Round 2" tonight on O'Reilly!

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