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Hannity And Morris Observe Oklahoma City Bombing Anniversary By Blaming Bill Clinton For The Attack

Reported by Ellen - April 21, 2010 -

At the opening of his show Monday (4/19/10), Sean Hannity once again “observed” the Oklahoma City bombing anniversary by launching inflammatory attacks on former President Bill Clinton, President Obama and other Democrats. Hannity did not spend one minute commemorating the tragedy, reflecting on its causes, or even the substance of Clinton’s concerns that the present political climate might lead to another, similar event. Instead, Hannity and guest Dick Morris used Clinton’s remarks as a tool for doubling down on attacks against the left and to blame Clinton for the Oklahoma City tragedy. Morris then suddenly “revealed” that then-Attorney General Janet Reno was only reappointed because she had threatened to “tell the truth about Waco.” Not even Hannity seemed persuaded. With video.

With laughable hypocrisy, Hannity began the show by accusing the Democrats of “trying to score political points off the anniversary of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.” Before playing the clip of Clinton, Hannity sneered that Clinton had been doing “some deep thinking on the subject.”

Hannity completely ignored Clinton’s comparisons of then and now, his noting “the rise of a kind of identity politics, the rise of the militia movements and the right-wing talk radio with a lot of what’s going on in the blogosphere now.”

Hannity went on to falsely allege that Clinton “(drew) a direct link” between the GOP and Timothy McVeigh. Of course, Clinton said nothing of the sort. What he actually said, in an ABC interview, was “A lot of the things that are being said, they create a climate in which people who are vulnerable to violence, because they are disoriented like Timothy McVeigh was, are more likely to act.”

So did Hannity or Morris indicate even a ghost of a concern that Clinton might be right? Not even a smidgen. They wouldn’t even discuss the substance of what Clinton said. They were only interested in using his remarks the same way that similar comments by Rep. Betty McCollum were used later in the show: as just another excuse to ramp up the inflammatory attacks on Democrats.

First, Hannity suggested Clinton was to blame for the Oklahaoma City tragedy because he pardoned “FALN terrorists… making bombs” and “sat silently with the whole relationship with Bill Ayers and Wright.”

Morris piled on by speculating that Oklahoma City was “the reaction to the Waco takeover and Bill Clinton orchestrated that takeover.”

That’s when Morris suddenly and self-servingly dropped his bombshell about Reno. Clinton “was so ashamed about what he did in Waco that he was not gonna appoint Janet Reno to a second four-year term, and she told him, in a meeting, right before the inauguration day for his new term, that, ‘if you don’t appoint me, I’m gonna tell the truth about Waco. And that forced Clinton’s hand in re-appointing her.”

“I don’t remember you telling this story before,” Hannity said, a skeptical expression on his face.

“No, it’s never been said before,” Morris said. But as an excerpt from Morris’ book, Because He Could, indicates (via Media Matters), Morris previously wrote that he could only speculate about the reason why Clinton re-appointed Reno. Why did he wait until now to drop that bombshell? As Media Matters also pointed out, this is not the first time Morris has contradicted what he has written. And, if this story is not true, it would be far from the first falsehood Morris has told about the Clintons.

“I think that President Clinton might want to examine his own connection with the Oklahoma City bombing in terms of Waco, before he starts accusing people in walkers and wheelchairs who are trying to keep their Medicare of being provocateurs,” Morris accused.

Hannity and Morris moved on to attack Democrats for the usual reasons: Obama’s a radical, the "takeover" of health care, the banks, “cap and tax.” “Put that together and you are talking about the totality of the American economy,” Morris said. And something about “SWAT teams” and the sub-prime crisis.

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