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Fox & Friends Love God And Those Who Love God!

Reported by Priscilla - April 21, 2010 -

The good Christians on Fox & Friends love God. And because they love God so much, they have little use for those who don’t satisfactorily bend their knee and shout, from the mountain, their devotion to the almighty. Fox & Friends really love public displays of religiosity cuz that means you’re a good Christian. So yesterday, the morning bible hour folks talked about how so many of the winners at the Country Music Awards thanked God. They played a montage of God praising that made the Awards look like one, big revival meeting. And in showing these God loving, in Palinspeak “real Americans, the good Christians at Fox & Friends were able to juxtapose them with those heathens who aren’t properly grateful to the deity so beloved by Fox & Friends. I do hope that God was watching the Awards, Wait a minute, God should have been watching Fox News!

H/T Mediaite

Brian Kilmeade said that “God was a big part” of the Awards show. Former weather guy Steve Doocy wanted to know why “you don’t see more celebrities thanking the big guy upstairs?” (Ah, that old Sunday School anthropormorphic image of God as a “big guy.” Hey Steve, maybe God is that big gal, upstairs!) Former Maxim bikini model and Fox newsbabe, Courtney Friel, wanted to “bring up something interesting, something we noticed that a lot of the winners of the awards, in their acceptance speeches thanked God.” The clip of the God thankers was played. God groupie, Steve, said “that’s great.” He asked “why don’t we see that at the Oscars or the Grammies” (Hint, hint, evil godless Hollywood libruls). Brian Kilmeade “joked” that “the music comes on.” Steve, attempting to do some snark, said that “they like to have time to thank their agents” (who do a little more legwork than God) and “everybody else.” He added that “as we can see from this particular edition of the Annual Country Music Academy of Country Music Awards, a lot of people thank God.” Courtney, obviously a God fan, said that “God can sometimes be a taboo subject in Hollywood.” Good Christian Brian, said “right.”

Comment: So lots of people were proclaiming their thanks to God. Who gives a you know what!? Obviously the Jesus Camp otherwise known as Fox & Friends does. And memo to the gang: “When R&B singer Lauryn Hill won a Grammy she brought her Bible with her on stage. As recently as last year, Jennifer Hudson received a standing ovation as she accepted her Grammy just months after her mother, brother and nephew were murdered, saying "I'm just in awe right now, but first I would like to thank God, who has brought me through. I would like to thank my family in heaven and those who are here." Obviously rappers thank God because “Yahoo Answers” poses the question of why these rappers do this. Another “Yahoo Answers” asks “Is it right for rappers to thank God at awards?” But after watching this clip of the Fox & Friends saccharine tribute to those who publicly proclaim their faith, Kathy Griffin’s comment to Jesus, when she received an Emmy, seems quite refreshing and real!

Video here