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Bill O’Reilly Splains His Race Remarks Made To Rev. Sharpton’s “Crew”

Reported by Priscilla - April 21, 2010 -

I have to say that Bill O’Reilly has some mighty big cajones for showing up as a guest speaker at Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network Convention. But he wasn’t a total box office success as, according to some media outlets, he was booed when he said that race is on longer a “real issue,” we should “stop with the race business,” “it’s time to stop the race stuff,” and “black people need to stop playing the race card.” It would appear that, unlike his doppelganger Colbert, Bill does see color. However, in an effort to do damage control, seek redemption, or rationalize his comments, he interviewed the Rev. Al last Friday (April 16th) night.Turns out that his explanations don't really change anything. Oh, and he did defend teabaggers by saying that “a few bad apples shouldn’t ruin the bunch.” What a guy!

O’Reilly played a portion of video in which he talked about how, in the aftermath of 9-11, “we pretty much dropped that race stuff did, we not? We were pretty much all Americans there, right? I hear yes, I hear no. But to me from my perch, there were blacks killed in that tower, all right? All right. Look, you don't think we dropped it, I do. I think that we came together. And we all said this is unacceptable. We're not going to have people attacking our civilians because of some crazy jihad. That's what I got. That's what I got. I could be wrong.” Bill immediately launched into spin mode when he claimed that he “had been doing OK” until the 9-11 homily. Actually, he wasn’t doing OK as evidenced by the murmurs during the part of the video that he didn’t play when he said “it’s a much more interesting country going forward if we stop with the race business…I’m not black so I don’t know your struggle and you don’t know my struggle because you’re not white.” (Oh, the struggle of a millionaire white guy who grew up in a very middle class white neighborhood and who attended a posh Catholic high school! The Horror, the horror!) Although media reports claimed that O’Reilly was booed, Sharpton didn’t think so and said that the audience “disagreed” with Bill’s point. Bill couldn’t understand why they didn’t accept his pearl of wisdom. When Sharpton said that the audience didn’t think that the country has “gotten past race,” Bill did a little dance with “we forgot about race for a while.” When Sharpton again reiterated that “in the view of most of us, we still had an unequal America.We all reacted as Americans 9/11 absolutely,” Bill reiterated “But we dropped the race stuff for a little while. My point was that you can get past the color stuff at certain times in history. And that was one of them.” Bill finally relented and said that he should have qualified his remarks about the race issue having been dropped with “for a while.”

Bill still couldn’t allow Sharpton to get the upper hand, so he said to Sharpton, “I should have said then, what you're telling me is I should have said after 9/11, the race stuff receded for a little while, but now it's back. And we're all racially polarized.” Sharpton responded by saying “No, I think that what you should have said is that after 9/11, we all reacted as Americans, but it didn't change the inequality that we still have to deal with in the country, because people still were dealing with an unequal situation. People that -- people of all races died in the Twin Towers.” When Bill claimed, “that’s what I said,” I had a “Cathy” moment – “arrrrrrrrghhhh”!!!!!!! Bill claimed that his point was that “race stuff can recede during certain times in history.” The circular dance continued with Bill’s comment that "these people who booed me I suspect say oh no, race stuff is always there no matter what happens” - to which Sharpton said “I think what they are saying is, and I agree with them, is that racial reality is there. Though we can all react in unison. You're not acting in reality…” But Bill’s true colors came shining through with subsequent remarks about how “it's possible to get beyond racism in this country. It's possible to get beyond skin color and solve problems not based on that, but based on what's fair for all Americans.” When Sharpton said that his “crew” fights for that “every day,” Bill said “your crew, with all due respect, and I went down and talked with them are a race-based crew.” The irony was rich with Bill’s statement that Sharpton’s “crew” was raced baised and “look at everything with black and white tinted glasses.” Aaaarrrrrrgh!!!! Sharpton asked how you can be raced based when you live in a world of inequality and hit Bill with the quote (that he didn’t play) about how people see things differently because of their experiences and that Bill admitted that he didn’t have the problems of the black community. Another aaaarghhhh moment when Bill actually said, “I have other problems that you don't understand.” Great white father Bill preached that what he is trying to get across to Sharpton’s “crew” is that “You can stay in the race jar and say, yes, blacks are -- have a worse deal than whites. And the statistics back it up, okay. Or you can say let's' all solve this problem together, black, whites, Latinos, Asians, let's all solve it together. And I think that's the better way to go about it.”

Comment: Bill O’Reilly wants to know why we just can’t get along!! Yeah, right!

Video of Bill’s comments and Ed Schultz’s response:

Bill has a black friend.