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Mike Huckabee’s Christian Right Wing Activism And Fox News

Reported by Priscilla - April 20, 2010 -

How, do you think, would the right wing react if Keith Olbermann attended Code Pink rallies? What do you think they would say if Rachel Maddow was heavily involved in efforts to roll back California Proposition 8? Do you think they would look favorably on Ed Schultz if he were a spokesperson for SEIU? They certainly don’t appreciate “Hollywood liberals” advocating for liberal causes. (I know that because I watch Fox!) Meanwhile, however, we have Fox personality Mike Huckabee doing his gosh darned best to help out the American, conservative Christian religious right. While he doesn’t pimp his advocacy on his show, he does do some “extra curricular” activity that lends a helping to causes near and dear to the hearts of Christian conservatives. And if you go to his personal website, you can learn about this as well as being able to click on a link back to Fox News where you can see videos of Mike talking about how God can “bring our nation back to life." Unlike Sean Hannity who pimped his cancelled appearance at a Cincinnati teabagging fund raiser on his show, Huckabee doesn’t promote his outside activity on the air. But as a Fox host, should he be this close to a major movement which, in attempting to impose a theocratic set of beliefs into the public square, seeks to redefine the nature of our government? Is there an ethical problem here?

Mike Huckabee, as a conservative Christian, has no problem expressing his views. In a recent interview with “The Perspective” magazine, about same sex marriage (feared and loathed by the Christian right), he compared homosexuality with deviant lifestyles. The piece de resistance was the comment about gay adoption: "Children are not puppies. This is not a time to see if we can experiment and find out, how does this work?" I guess Mike might be miffed about an Arkansas state judge’s decision, last week, to overturn the ban on a gay couple being able to adopt. Mike also attends events sponsored by the *American Taliban (whoops Christian right). Late last year he was a guest at a “Take Back America” conference where he was pictured with Brian Camenker of “Mass Resistance,” a virulently homophobic group that has earned the designation of “hate group” from the SPLC. Camenker’s group was part of the orchestrated right wing attack, aided and abetted by Fox News, on Obama’s gay educational advisor, Kevin Jennings. The event, where Huckabee was palling around with haters, was the 2009 “How To Take Back America” conference sponsored by the Phyllis Schlafley’s right wing “Eagle Forum.” As News Hounds Alex reported, this was an assemblage of Christian way out there right wing theocrats. So there was Mike helping to raise money for efforts to supplant the Constitution with the Bible. Obviously, not a problem for Fox.

Mike is a busy guy – what with preparing to possibly run for president and doing a weekly Fox show. But Mike recently found the time to do a “cameo” on a video, done by Focus on the Family. Mike’s appearance was brief. He said he was “Mike Huckabee” and “this is “Stoplight.” This was followed by a glib Christian who was slightly upset about the court decision regarding the unconstitutionality of the National Day of Prayer. Mike also found time in his busy schedule to campaign for Virginia governor, right wing Republican Christian Bob McDonnell. Not only did Huck campaign, his HuckPac endorsed McDonnell for governor. And as RH Reality Check points out, Huckabee is “on a bit of a roll” with his recording of a robo call, on behalf of the Georgia Right to Life. Mike exhorts listeners to contact their state legislators regarding an abortion bill which would prohibit doctors from performing abortions on women that “they know” were forced into the procedure. It would also criminalize abortions done on the basis of sex, gender, or race of the fetus. Mike talks about the “sanctity of life.” Word is that the Georgia Right To Life wants a challenge to this bill so that the case can be brought to the Supreme Court and thus pose a challenge to Roe. Nice.

So while Joe Scarborough and Mika are involved in promoting charter schools, Huckabee is trying to promote Jesus’ favorite causes. In response to the report that Fox’s John Stossel will be appearing at an event sponsored by a group with ties to the energy industry, Kevin Hall, from McClatchy, said that even if Stossel isn’t being paid, is questionable. So what does that say about the ethics of Mike's activities vis-a-vis Fox News? But Mike Huckabee is part of Fox’s opinion side, so I guess it’s all good!

*The phrase “American Taliban,” to describe the radical American Christian right, has been around for a while. In February of this year, journalist Robert Kuttner wrote an article, for the American Prospect, called “American Taliban, The Marriage Between Religious Fundamentalism and American Conservative Is Stronger Than Ever.” Jane Smiley, in reviewing Max Blumenthal’s excellent “Republican Gomorrah,” says that Christian Dominionists (like Huckabee) “differ from the Taliban only in their choice of doctrine. Their uses of that doctrine (to dehumanize women and other groups, to never share power, to control every aspect of every life within their power, and to create society as a steeply hierarchical structure with them at the top) are those of the Taliban.” And while they don’t engage in the homicidal violence of the Taliban, they create a culture of violent hatred in which gays are attacked and abortion doctors are killed by those who, according to many in the AT, are engaging in “justifiable homicide.” So, yeah “Johnny,” I have no problem with using that term for the folks that Huckabee is connected to – a group to whom Fox News bends its knees – so to speak!