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Hannity “Commemorates” Oklahoma City Anniversary With Inflammatory Attacks On Democrats

Reported by Ellen - April 20, 2010 -

Rather than waste a moment of airtime on anything that something that might actually bring the country together, like the 15th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, “Great American” Sean Hannity used the anniversary as – what else - another excuse to attack Democrats with incendiary language. In one of two segments devoted to the subject, he played a clip of Congresswoman Betty McCollum saying, “Just as we would not give aid and comfort to Al Qaeda, let us not allow the words of elected leaders to give comfortable excuses to extremists bent on violence.” Then, instead of discussing the substance of McCollum’s concerns, and whether or not they might be warranted, Hannity brought on Michele Bachmann to use McCollum as just another excuse to ramp up the inflammatory attacks on Democrats. With video.

Hannity set the tone for the discussion by “asking,” in his introduction, “So, are Democrats just really asking Republicans to shut up?”

Bachmann, who seemed happier about harping on Democratic flaws than she was seemed concerned about living with them, said, “It’s hate speech when it’s on the right and it’s not hate speech when it’s on the left… The main thing right now really is the government takeover of private industry.” She went on to paint the pending financial reform legislation as the “federal government in a real thuggish way… and taking over the boardrooms of private industry. This is what makes people very unsure about their government right now.”

Hannity didn’t have any problem with her use of the word “thuggish” – and don’t tell me that either one of them didn’t understand the effect that kind of terminology might have.

Instead, Hannity mainstreamed the rhetoric by saying, “I think a lot of people are raising very legitimate questions,” and then took the hostilities up a notch himself. “There seems to be a co-ordinated effort to intimidate, silence and demonize any critic of this administration, this House of Representatives, this leadership.” He later complained that the same people who “are now accusing any conservative critic of this incendiary language, they were noticeably silent …” and before Hannity could complete his accusation that poor conservatives are the victims of brutish liberal hypocrites, he ratcheted up the rhetoric another notch or two by suggesting that Democrats are in bed with terrorists. “We have a video of FALN terrorists that Bill Clinton eventually pardoned – making bombs on video – he gave them a pardon.” Then it was on to the “relationship” between Obama and the “unrepentant terrorist” Bill Ayers.

Of course, that has nothing to do with the question of whether incendiary language is dangerous for the country. It just added fuel to the flames.

And Bachmann responded in kind. “That’s all they have left now, is they use pejorative terms, hateful terms against those who are carrying the message. So whether they’re attacking conservative talk radio or conservative TV or whether it’s internet sites… (Net neutrality) is the Obama administration advocating censorship of the internet. Why? They want to silence the voices that are opposing them…So they are very specifically and pointedly going after voices that they see telling the truth about what the Obama administration’s trying to do.”

Hannity concluded the segment by saying, “I think the narrative that the president is not the moderate that he ran as and is far more radical has taken hold and I think that’s very irritating to them.”

This kind of poison is what passes for political discussion every night on “fair and balanced” Fox News.

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