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Kurtz: In Wake Of Cincinnati Tea Party Debacle, Fox News "Plans To Keep A Tighter Rein On Hannity And Others"

Reported by Ellen - April 18, 2010 -

Fox News Execs are reportedly furious at Sean Hannity and his staff for supposedly blindsiding them by allowing the Cincinnati Tea Party to sell tickets to a recording of the Hannity show. Now CNN's Howard Kurtz reports that from now on, Fox News plans to "keep a tighter rein on Hannity and others." Does this mean Dick Morris won't be doing any GOP fundraising tomorrow night? I'm not holding my breath. Don't forget this is the same network that also declared a "zero tolerance" for on-screen errors while continuing to tolerate them. Funny how Fox News brass never seems to mind what happens on their own network until THEIR own reputation becomes tarnished. Video after the jump.

Video via Media Matters.

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