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Fox News And The "Close To Seditious" Behavior Of Glenn Beck And Sarah Palin

Reported by Ellen - April 18, 2010 -

On The Chris Matthews show today, the panelists discussed the alarmingly inflammatory rhetoric of some on the right. Not surprisingly, Fox News' Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity were all mentioned. Time columnist Joe Klein read the definition of "sedition" and said that Beck and Palin "rub right next, right up close to being seditious." I'm sorry to say, that's not a surprise, either. But just as troubling was his observation that while the hate mongering has a bigger media platform than before (via Fox News) there is no "responsible, moderate leadership of the Republican Party" to tamp down tensions. With video.

Klein said, "The difference now is the presence of a television network and I'm gonna call it 'Fox.' The presence of Fox which allows its commentators like Sean Hannity, like Glenn Beck to rouse the Tea Party and the biggest difference is that in the past, when there were right wing movements that came up, the Republican Party, the responsible, moderate leadership of the Republican Party, would slap it down and there is no responsible, moderate leadership of the Republican Party now."

The Washington Post's Kathleen Parker said, "You can't sit by and let these things go un-dealt with. Or you become complicit in what happens. This is a point of real self-definition for the conservatives."

MSNBC's Norah O'Donnell said, "There is a very seething anger out there and Sarah Palin is stroking that anger..." That's Fox News contributor Sarah Palin O'Donnell was referring to.

Klein said he "did a little bit of research" and read the definition of sedition, which he had written on a napkin: Conduct or language inciting rebellion against the authority of the state. "A lot of these statements, especially the ones coming from people like Glenn Beck and, to a certain extent, Sarah Palin, rub right next, right up close to being seditious." That's Fox News host Glenn Beck and contributor Sarah Palin.

We concur with Klein and made the same point when we posted about a Fox Nation discussion advocating armed revolution.

This also raises another question we have previously asked: Is Fox News the communications arm of the GOP or has the GOP become the legislating arm of Fox News?

Video via Mediaite.

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