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Oliver North And Hannity Discuss Obama’s “Core Philosophy of Being Anti-American"

Reported by Ellen - April 16, 2010 -

Oliver North and Sean Hannity got together on Hannity last night to attack discuss President Obama’s foreign policy. There was no discussion about the persistent questions being asked about how much money Hannity actually turns over to North’s charity and how much of that money actually goes to the charity’s beneficiaries. Instead, the two launched a smear session that culminated in North accusing Obama of being “anti-American.” Just in case you missed the irony, that’s North, the convicted liar who didn’t mind trampling on the Constitution when it suited him. And that’s not counting the irony of a guy whose Freedom Alliance charity for the children of fallen soldiers was just downgraded by Charity Navigator and may soon be investigated by the IRS. And just in case you think this was just “opinion” journalism that had nothing to do with Fox News, Foxnews.com called this segment, “Jeopardizing Our National Security?” Just asking, eh? With video.

It was pretty obvious that the whole segment was trumped up as an excuse to bash Obama because there was no real news to go with it. Well, maybe the news that Hannity had to come up with a new program very quickly because his bosses had yanked his previously scheduled show, at the Cincinnati Tea Party, at the last minute because it was being used as a fundraiser for the CTP. THAT news was never discussed.

Instead, Hannity announced that while some people “breathed a sigh of relief” when Obama added 30,000 new troops to Afghanistan, “he has repeatedly vowed to pull out of the country by the middle of next year. So, he did so earlier today in an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Network. He added there, ‘We can’t be there in perpetuity.’” In other words, Obama reiterated a foreign policy tenet he stated months ago.

Hannity coupled that with Obama’s change in nuclear policy in order to "ask," “Are we jeopardizing our national security?” By the way, the entire introduction was obviously scripted, meaning that it was written by someone at Fox, not Hannity’s off-the-cuff opinion.

Sure enough, North (who, as far as I know, not even Fox News bills as an expert in national security) said that because Obama waited “so long” to send the additional troops to Afghanistan, he had harmed our interests in the war. No mention of how long Bush turned his back on Afghanistan to fight the war in Iraq and what damage that may have done.

From there, Hannity reiterated the “dominant military superpower” distortion and asked his now-familiar questions, “Are we emboldening the enemies of the U.S.?” You might recall Hannity used to ask that question when people criticized our foreign policy during wartime under Bush. Funny how Hannity’s standards for emboldening enemies has changed.

“Certainly,” North said, though neither offered any grounds for such as assessment. “And he’s done that consistently… This president’s willing to be obsequious to our adversaries, denigrate our allies, and essentially, to walk away from the only real democracy in that part of the world… It’s his core philosophy of being anti-American.”

Yes, two patriots just showing how much they love their country on the “we like America” channel.

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