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Fox’s God Loving Newsies, Megyn Kelly & Jon Scott, Upset With Ruling On National Day Of Prayer

Reported by Priscilla - April 16, 2010 -

Yesterday, a Wisconsin Federal Judge ruled that that the National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional. “U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb wrote that the government can no more enact laws supporting a day of prayer than it can encourage citizens to fast during Ramadan, attend a synagogue or practice magic.” It didn’t take God’s Newsroom, otherwise known as Fox News, to respond to this blasphemy!!!! Jon Scott covered it this morning And despite his being part of Fox’s “news” line-up, it was apparent that he wasn’t happy about this! Megyn Kelly, who is, like Scott, part of the “news” line-up, also used her “news” platform to stand up for God.

Scott started the segment with the rather unprofessional and journalistically questionable “Get this, the day of prayer in the United States. That according to a Federal Judge in Wisconsin who ruled that it violates the constitutional ban on government backed religion” He read a segment of the ruling. He noted that the ruling won’t stop President Obama from recognizing the prayerful day. Scott, in beginning his conversation with a Constitutional Lawyer, said “clearly, in the Declaration of Independence, the writers, the Founding Fathers referred to the creator. Clearly these were religious people building a country on a religious basis. Where does the judge get off saying that the National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional?” (Whoa, stop right there. The Founders were secular deists who, while giving lip service to a “creator,” were very blunt in their criticisms of organized religion. The “Founders,” clearly, did not “build this country on a religious basis” – but rather a secular one so as to avoid all the problems that establishment churches posed to European governments.) Attorney Kelly Saindon thought the judge was wrong. She said that the judge says “it’s promoting religion and it’s not.” Scott wanted to know if the Judge was correct in saying that this pushes people to engage in prayer. Saindon disagreed and that the Day of Prayer recognizes different beliefs in society. She claimed that this was “someone advancing an agenda.” Scott wanted to know if there is a difference between “establishing a religion and congress recognizing the practice of religion by free people." Saindon agreed. Scott scowled when he said “let’s just say this doesn’t get struck down, there are all kinds of whacky rulings coming out courts these days. Is it possible that a year from now we would not be allowed to celebrate a National Day of Prayer?” Saindon said that people can’t be stopped from celebrating and the President can’t be stopped from acknowledging it. (Oh, thank God!)

And while Megyn Kelly did have a fair and balanced discussion about this with Barry Lynn, Executive Director of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, she (an attorney) didn’t seem to “get” the reason for the court ruling. After Lynn said there is “nothing secular” about this National Day of Prayer, Kelly said “Why can't it be a day where people acknowledge not just prayer, but they are encouraged to meditate as well, which is not necessarily prayer? And why can't it be a day where we take a moment and we stop and we acknowledge the role that God has played in the formation of this country and its laws. What's so promotional about religion there?” First of all, Megyn, you insult your intelligence by claiming that a Judeo-Chrstian god had a part in the formation of this country. The United States was "founded" as a entity based on the economics and politics of the time. If that's what floats your boat, whatever. But Megyn, the Judge said, in her ruling, that “government involvement in prayer may be constitutional if the conduct serves a ''significant secular purpose'' and doesn't amount to a call for religious action. But the National Day of Prayer crosses that line.” I suspect that Megyn is a good conservative who doesn’t want her tax money to be spent on abortion. But she obviously doesn’t have a problem with her tax money going to a White House endorsement of public prayer – a day of prayer which has close connections to the homophobic, anti-choice, religious right “Focus on the Family.”

Comment: We gather together to ask the Fox blessing…