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Did Fox News Really Not Know Until The Last Minute That Hannity Was Using His Program For Tea Party Fundraising?

Reported by Ellen - April 16, 2010 -

As I posted yesterday, Fox News suddenly canceled Sean Hannity's tax day appearance in Cincinnati where he was taping his show as part of a fundraiser for the Cincinnati Tea Party. Fox News claimed they had not known until that day that Hannity had been billed as the centerpiece of the event or that tickets were being sold to see the show (even though News Hounds and others posted about it and, according to Media Matters, Hannity's appearance was promoted on 18 shows and on the Fox News website). Now, the CTP is also firing back, saying that they "coordinated with (Hannity's) staff to plan the logistics of the event" and that they were told Hannity's cancellation was due to a personal emergency.

My personal theory? Fox News higher ups routinely rubber stamp everything Hannity does so long as they can wash their hands of it by calling it "opinion journalism." But once their own hands start to look dirty, it's a whole different story.

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