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Gretchen Carlson Validates Poor Christians Persecuted By ACLU

Reported by Priscilla - April 15, 2010 -

There’s a war on religion happening and good Christian soldier and former Miss America, Gretchen Carlson is helping the heavenly hosts of God loving Christians in their fight against the satanic forces of the evil ACLU. While Carlson cares about the First Amendment rights of Christians, those who use the First Amendment to oppose the Christianization of our public schools are met with scorn and well they should as they are obviously taking a nosedive into the Lake of Fire! Fox & Friends does seem to have an active interest in Pace High school in the Jesus Land of northwest Florida. Pace High School (also known as “Baptist Academy” to those who don’t appreciate the spirit of the Lord being spread in school corridors) has been “under attack” by the ACLU. As such, Fox & Friends have provided warm Christian fellowship to those beleaguered Christian warriors who are fighting the good fight. (Here, Here) This morning, Fox fave and Christian attorney, Mathew Staver, and his Christian pastor client had the opportunity to publicly proclaim the persecution that they suffer only because they want to “honor” teachers in the Santa Rosa County School District (Pace High is part of that district). As usual, Gretchen Carlson validated them. Onward Fox Christian Soldiers – marching as to ratings! Praise the Lord!

Last week, good Christian Gretchen (That’s what she is. Right, “Johnny”?) hosted Staver and his client who is a student at Pace and who was told not to include “God Bless” into a formal greeting that he will be reading to fellow students. (Goddamn the ACLU?) While the chyron read “War on Religion? School Silences Teachers At Baccalauriat,” Carlson said that her guests say that “an effort to honor teachers from the Santa Rosa School District was hindered and they’re pointing their finger at the ACLU. They are accusing them of trying to silence the religious expression even at private events.” Gretch looked really disgusted by this blasphemy. Carlson said that she “understood” that Pastor Joey Rogers wanted to honor teachers in a private setting in your church during graduation time last year. What happened?” Poor Pastor Rogers said that the teachers were restricted because of the ACLU lawsuit and consent decree. Neither Gretch nor Pastor explained that the consent decree which was instituted because of the blatant violation of the principal of the violation of the separation of church and state at “Baptist Academy.” He claimed that the teachers couldn’t sit together or wear any clothing “that would identify them as teachers.” (Gretch had her little “boy am I upset about these librul dirtbags look on her pretty face). The chyron: “Praying In Private, School Forces Teachers To Hide Their Faith.” He claimed that many of the teachers “were afraid to stand” because of possible disciplinary action. The chyron: “Restricting Religious Speech, Teachers Banned From Participating In Service” A graphic of praying hands was next to the chryon which was, I remind you, stated as a fact. Gretch referenced the poor, persecuted Christian student from last week. In a breathless voice she wanted to know “what the heck was going on in this school district?”

Staver said it was because of the consent decree and ranted about how this event was private and off campus. The chyrons were relentless: “Faith Under Fire, Teachers Fear Violating Consent Decree.” Staver insisted that this is a violation of religious freedom because the ACLU and the government is “intimidating” good Christians. Good Christian Gretch nodded in agreement and said that she had been to events like this and “there was never a problem.” She read a section of the consent decree which said that school officials cannot participate in a religious service in an official capacity. The “praying in private” chyron reappeared. Gretchen, not a lawyer, said that this statement means that “they shouldn’t go to the service.” (Gretch must have checked her IQ at the door, because the statement doesn’t say that but if you say it, Gretch, your guest can validate what you said. Slick propaganda) Not surprisingly Pastor Joey agreed and said it was “appalling” because the “students wanted to have their teachers and those who were influencing them recognized.” He said that was the reason why he started the “Got Your Back Movement” so that teachers and students could participate. To Carlson’s question about whether teachers could “go to the service and feel that they could stay out of trouble,” Staver said that’s the reason for the law suit because teachers are considered “official” even at an off campus event. Carlson nodded in agreement as the “Restricting Religious Speech” chyron ran. When, he referenced a teacher who faced court charges for blessing a meal, at an “private event,” Carlson said she remembered it. She should because she and the gang interviewed the other school officials who were charged with contempt for violating the consent decree by blessing a meal at a school sponsored event. When Staver said that the teachers are “intimidated,” Carlson said “wow” and that Fox & Friends would continue to follow it.

Comment: From what I can gather, no teacher or administrator, from the Santa Rosa School District, has been reprimanded for attending Pastor Joey’s private, religious “baccalaureate” held last year. Even the evil ACLU was, in February 2009, “pleased with the plans.” As far as I know, no school official or teacher was disciplined about attending the service. But that’s not enough for Matt Staver and Pastor Joey who, are fighting the specific language of the consent decree which says that school personnel can attend the service; but they can’t be involved in the planning and cannot speak at the even. But Staver said,on his website where he alerted his fans to his upcoming Fox & friends appearance, this is about exposing “the ACLU's effort to impose a no-prayer, no-religion rule in Florida schools that allows the government to tell pastors how to run their own church services!” In addition to having a friend in Jesus, Matt Staver has a friend in Fox & Friends.