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Bill O’Reilly Mocks “Bogus” Transgendered Student Who “Should Use the Men’s Room”

Reported by Priscilla - April 14, 2010 -

Fox “news” media knows that “real Americans” are concerned about how the evil, librul gay agenda is threatening America’s bathrooms. Fox Nation was the first to “break” the story with “Will Bathrooms Be Illegal In Maine.” The article, incestuously sourced (journalistically speaking) from uber right wing Fox radio personality, Tod Starnes, was about how “If the Maine Human Rights Commission has its way, transgendered students would be allowed to choose the bathrooms, locker rooms and sports teams of their choice.” Starnes, who thinks that this will result in teenage boys wearing thongs, did cite the 2009 decision by the Maine Human Rights Commission that a Maine school district “discriminated against a boy who was denied access to the girl’s bathroom.” Not noted by Starnes was that the boy was transgendered. Last week, Fox Nation followed this up with “What? Proposal in Maine Schools to Ban Gender-Specific Bathrooms” which linked to a more journalistically sound Fox News website article. On “America Live,” Megyn Kelly interviewed a transsexual about this, at least to Megyn, very confusing issue. The Christian right are all in a dither. So are we surprised that Bill O’Reilly would address the issue on last night’s “Is It Legal” segment! Not only is America’s Daddy looking out for you; but he’s looking out for the freedom and sanctity of Maine’s school bathrooms! Transsexual students – not so much – in fact, not at all.

Bill introduced the topic as a rest room “controversy in the public school system.” He said that "we’ve heard about this in other states. There are transgendered students. This is the crux of the matter. And they don’t know what bathroom to go to. They want to go to the other one. What do they want, here?" After Lis Wiehl, Kimberly Guilfoyle, and Bill chuckled, Wiehl said that “it started with a serious case of a 12 year, that went to, born a boy.” Bill said “yesss.” She continued “that thinks of himself as a girl” but was interrupted by a smiling Bill who asked “why can’t he think of himself as a boy when he just goes to the men’s room. He can think of himself as a girl every other time." Wiehl said that “you don’t think of yourself as a girl on and off, right?” Bill laughed, "not at all. I have to use the facility" (the women smiled) “I was born a boy.” Guilfoyle, I believe, said “you’re going to go into the girl’s room? Bill added “why is it bad to use the boy’s room when you were born a boy.” When Wiehl said it was because “he doesn’t feel he’s a boy,” Bill, voice louder, said he doesn’t feel what? Water faucet is there. He’s got the facilities. What doesn’t he feel?” When Wiehl said “to be fair,” Bill repeated “to be fair.” Wiehl continued to try to explain that this boy really believes “that he’s a girl.” Bill said “yeah” as she continued with “anatomically he’s a boy.” Bill asserted he’s a boy, go to the men’s room.” Bill, showing no understanding of nor sensitivity towards the student, repeated Wiehl’s comment that “he’s uncomfortable.” Guilfoyle said that “he should stand up and use it.” Bill then said he thinksthis is bogus.”

Guilfoyle claimed new proposed transgender guidelines for schools make things “very confusing to young children.” Bill said “sure” as she claimed that this will be mandatory in pre and nursery school. She said that she hopes that that her “little tyke makes it in the toilet…” while Bill shouted all the little girls are in there and in comes a confused boy. What good does that do?” When Kimberly said that this isn’t good public policy, Bill, ever alert to the evil “secular “agenda, asked “who’s pushing this.” When Wiehl responded that it was the Maine Human Rights Commission, Bill asked “do little children have any rights, anymore?” Do they have to be confronted with this stuff when they’re six? Is that what they do, Maine Human Rights Commission?” (who are hopefully not getting death threats as we speak!) Guilfoyle reiterated “younger than six...” Bill said that if he were principal of the school, he would "pull the kid in and say hey, we sympathize with you, we’re gonna try to get you help. But you were born a boy and that’s where you’re going and if you don’t like it you can go home and go to the bathroom.” Guilfoyle said that “if you’ve got the right equipment, put it in the right place.” (Doesn’t she know about “pee shy” guys who use stalls?) When Wiehl said “how bout reasonable accommodation.” Bill said what does that mean, another one for confused kids?” When Wiehl cited the teachers’ lounge, Bill “joked” that “he’ll be confused there, he’s not a teacher. He might feel like he is.” Kimberly laughed and said “he feels like he should lead the class.” Bill “joked” about how he would like “to go to the NFL bathroom and would like to be a running back. I’m confused.” Bill said that he didn’t want to “diminish this; but it’s so stupid. It’s ridiculous.” More humor with Guilfoyle saying that “she wants a separate stall with “TG” on it.” (Transsexual Girl?, I didn’t get that “joke.”) There was more levity before Bill predicted that he will get “in trouble” and be “all over the far left websites” – but “this is nuts.”

Comment: Bill forgot to inform his viewers that the transgendered student had been using the girl’s room with no complaints. The problem occurred when a nice hetero kid chased her into the bathroom yelling “faggot.” The school then assigned the transgendered child to a bathroom on the far side of the school. That’s when the parents filed a complaint. Bill needs to calm down. Yesterday, in Maine, “Commission members decided to cancel a public hearing on the issue and to shelve, at least temporarily, work on a guidance document called “Sexual Orientation in Schools and Colleges.” But what was so offensive about this segment was the lack of sensitivity, from O’Reilly and Guilfoyle, to an issue that deserved far more serious treatment than was given. O’Reilly should, in the interests of fairness, interview somebody with clinical knowledge of gender issues – but as a “traditionalist,” he thinks that gender confusion is funny and “bogus.” Bill O’Reilly has a lot of nerve talking about “bogus.” Nuff said.