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Morris Urges Fox News Viewers To Adopt A Democrat To Defeat In November

Reported by Ellen - April 13, 2010 -

I don’t know why the Fox News producers don’t just come out with it and post a “We do our part for the GOP, now you do yours” chyron on the screen every Monday night when Dick Morris visits the Hannity show. On last night’s (4/12/10) visit, Sean Hannity and Fox News devoted an entire segment to, as Fox put it, Dick Morris’ 2010 Battle Plan. During the segment, Hannity and Morris hyped vulnerable Democrats. As Fox News ran their names across the bottom of the screen, Morris gave a fundraising pitch for his newest Republican advertising efforts, "Adopt a Democrat." With video.

The segment began with Hannity showing a map of possible GOP pickups in the Senate. That was followed by a chart of the “37 Dems the GOP should defeat in 2010.” Fox News helpfully ran their names and states along the bottom of the screen during the rest of the segment.

“We give you all the dirt on these (Democratic) incumbents,” Morris said enthusiastically about his new book dedicated to winning the 2010 elections. He gave a little taste by making a number of inflammatory accusations about his “favorite” target, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.

Then, Morris said with glee, “We have a new program (on his website)… Adopt a Democrat. We want everybody to pick a Democratic Congressman who they love – and we have a whole list of the ones that are vulnerable – and adopt him. And contribute money to his or her defeat. And every penny you give will go right on the air attacking the Democrat who you adopt.” Morris didn’t mention that he almost certainly has a financial stake in the organization getting the money.

Hannity said, “In other words, people that are unhappy with the state of the country… If their seat is not in play, they can go find a seat that is.”

Fox News: Acting as the communications arm of the Republican Party once again.