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Does Bill O’Reilly Know That The “Jihadist” Cartoonist Won A Pulitzer?

Reported by Priscilla - April 13, 2010 -

It’s not just the New York Times that Bill O’Reilly hates. NPR (reality based ergo librul elite) is also in his crosshairs, as demonstrated by his commentary, in January, about a political cartoon posted on their website. The cartoon that elicited America’s Daddy’s ire was by Mark Fiore. It was a satire of the vocabulary (“prolespeak?”) of teabaggers which relies, heavily, on certain standard phrases and words like “socialist “and “Nazi” – words that are frequently seen on protest signs carried by erstwhile teabaggers. It was titled “How To Speak Teabag.” After having seen this cartoon, O’Reilly referred to it as “puerile, and sophomoric,” (kinda like Fox & Friends?) “stupid, and unnecessary.” He complained that his tax money was being spent on a network that is “a Jihadist deal.” (No "Jihadists" at Fox News, nosiree). Subsequently Fiore received death threats some of which might have been from Bill’s “pro-life” fans. Flash forward to April and Mark Fiore has won a Pulitzer. What say you Bill O’Reilly? Oh well, Bill still has his Peabody – oh, wait, no he doesn’t!

Attached is the “Jihadist” cartoon. Also check out the link to a montage of “teabonic” signs which demonstrate that in addition to language limitations, teabaggers need some remedial spelling. But one of the signs thanks Fox News so it’s all good!